ShareTweet If you wish to read previous post, click here.     Early morning, we went to Nan Taou bus counter (南投客运) to buy bus ticket to Sun Moon Lake (日月潭).  

ShareTweet Almost 2 weeks didnt update my blog! So sorry for the late post  Continue from previous entry, we went to Feng Jia night market (逢甲夜市).  This is the famous night market in TaiChung. Heard that Feng Jia is the second biggest night market in Taiwan (Shilin 士林夜市 is the biggest).

ShareTweet After the tour at Shin She,  we took bus and get off at Dakeng 大坑, then we walked to a dessert shop called 东东芋圆.

ShareTweet 我们从捷运淡水站就一直走到淡水老街,红毛城,真理教堂,淡江私立高中,真理大学。接着我们就搭26号公车去渔人码头。     淡水区鱼会     这是鼎鼎有名的情人桥哦~    

ShareTweet Click here to read previous post…Today is 20.03.2011 @ 9:00 am @ Taiwan…. silent street..      We checked in to Color Mix (调色盘) home stay.  I will show you the room photo and details in later post… Once we checked in, we quickly rush for next destination – 世界豆浆大王. We took MRT from Xi Men [...]

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