Clay Donut

ShareTweet One day, I bought half dozen of donuts from Big Apple. The donuts looked yummy and so colorful right? Thus, I tried using clay to make the donuts too. Deng Deng ~ My donuts were baked! Hehe ~ I love my pink strawberry donut and I felt my peach donut looked so funny. It [...]

ShareTweet This is my second art work as well as a gift for my hubby’s coming birthday 16 May 2010. ★ One is U, one is Me ★ Trying hard to decorate a place for US ! Er… Like that? Nono…How about like this?



Clay Craft

ShareTweet Finally, we moved our first step. We started our first clay craft 我们的第一作品 Pink doggy which made by me. During the process of doing this doggy, I feel so “pek chek” and almost feel to give up. I have no patient and no confidence to complete it. Luckily my hubby has so much patient [...]

ShareTweet My hubby has ordered one set of christmas gift for my nephew and niece + ME! Really thanks to the owner of ChuangYiGongFang (创意工坊) – Grace ( My hubby’s sister ). 她的创意很别致,手工很精致!从这一套系的小礼物中,你看到她的耐心和很用心吗? Christmas Tree Front View Christmas Tree Back View You can hang it on your phone She really did a very good job! [...]

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