Protected: Pre-Wedding Photo @ Cannes Wedding @ Taiwan

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ShareTweet 时间过得很快!眨眼间,又到了10月3日。。今天是我们的结婚二周年了!!! 以前叫baby,现在叫hubby. 很自然地就叫我老公babby =.=”’ 竟然把老公叫成一只猪。。。哈哈! 呵呵,开玩笑而已啦! babby 和 babi 是不一样的啦!   我的babby♥,祝我们结婚二周年快乐!Happy 2nd Anniversary! I know you need to OT and so busy today! NVM, I will wait you until 14 Oct, then we celebrate at Paris OK!! Hehe ^^   Love you, PS ♥



Happy Wedding

ShareTweet Tik Tok Tik Tok…Time flies… Counting down for my Big Day!!! 2 more days!! My wedding is coming soon!!! So excited yo! Everyone will say must sleep early so can be a pretty and happy bride. But in fact, is hard to sleep well and tired also :( As too much thing to worry about  Or may be myself worry [...]

ShareTweet U looked at my face (sleepy face, eye bag, eye small till cant open =.=””) as we slept late yesterday and wake up early today. We met up with my make up artist - 小潘老师 around 7 30 am. She looked so pretty oh~     Make up session was started… Me and my husband have total [...]

ShareTweet After checkout from Color Mix, we took train from Taipei station to Kee Lung station (基隆) NT41 per pax.     We departed at 13.20    

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