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Click here to read previous post…Today is 20.03.2011 @ 9:00 am @ Taiwan…. silent street..
We checked in to Color Mix (调色盘) home stay.  I will show you the room photo and details in later post… Once we checked in, we quickly rush for next destination – 世界豆浆大王. We took MRT from Xi Men Ding station to Ding Xi station 顶溪1号出口 (NT16)
Meet myTaiwan’s friend :) She was sweet and nice :D Thanks for bringing me around ~
Taiwan popular breakfast set – 豆浆油条!
甜豆浆NT20 ~ great! but hor not everyone can accept cause got some “burnt” smell.
烧饼油条 Fried fritters NT40..
The “You Tiao” very crispy and nice!!
小笼包 NT80  good
葱花蛋 NT15  yummy
葱饼 NT20 Delicious
咸豆浆NT20..Never tried before so order one to try! But end up cant finish it cause really cannot accept this salty soya beans! Taste weird!~
The restaurant called “世界豆浆大王

Address: 台北縣永和市永和路二段284號
Contact No : (02)8927-0000 
Opening Hours: 24 hours
After that, my friend brought me to morning market. I like this market ~
The fruit looked so fresh!~
What’s that? 柑参果 – 可以止咳化痰哦~

娃娃菜..Can you see alot small dolls on the cabbage?
This looked nice but I was so full!
So many wholesales shop.. 
We continued walked till “Ding Xi (顶溪)” station! Thanks to my lovely friend who bring me walked around and treat me a nice breakfast!
Next destination - C.K.S Memorial hall!



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