ShareTweet Here is the new “cloth” for my new toy ^^ Front view.     Back view. Nice? The casing quality not bad. The brand of the casing called MOSHI.     Side view.     I bought the casing from AMK hub. It costs $28 with 1 pink casing + front and back Anti-Glare Matte Screen Protector. If you [...]



Amazing Iphone 4 in White

ShareTweet Click here to view the product from Apple website.   Tomorow is a Labour day, so I gave an excuse to myself! I want to buy a gift for myself for this Labour day in order to Thanks myself for working so hard along the years And, Gambateh to work hard oh… So, I picked Iphone [...]

ShareTweet Haha.. My hubby decided to buy me a valentine’s gift ~ What do you think he will buy for me? A ring, necklace, earring, bracelet, flower??? No no no.. It was not a romantic gift!! But it was an useful, warm, caring gift..Deng Deng Deng ~~~ It was a brand new SweetDream Queen Size Mattress!!!     SweetDream  – [...]

ShareTweet Which backpack to buy and where to buy? After few weeks searching and trying.Finally we got our first backpack – Vaude Tour 40. We bought it during Bugis BHG sales on 04 Jun 2010. The original price was $253 and we got a 30% discount which mean we need to pay $177.10 ( If not mistaken lar ~ [...]

ShareTweet Today we went to Suntec for PRADA Sales! This is our second time went to this kind of event. I remembered last time there was a coach sales near expo there. I reached there around 12 pm, havent step in to sales hall already saw a notice board – “ALL SOLD OUT”! So, this time, [...]

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