ShareTweet Today I have a conversation with my friend. Me: Anything can release stress on work? X : Have a mirror put in front of you on your desk. When you are stress, look into the mirror, seeing you. 1st to see your face epxression. See how bad it is! Cool ~ Tomorrow must get [...]

ShareTweet After having team dinner at Ellenborough Market Place, I walked to Clarke Quay as want to do some night view photo shooting *but too bad I didnt bring tripod*. Anyway, wish you enjoy the photos too Clarke Quat at night. Nice right? I love the river so much because it was so colorful as [...]



Sick day

ShareTweet Yesterday eat what vomit what, this morning also… Doctor suspected I pregnant, ask me to buy some test kit to test @_@ Dont think so lei~ But to double confirm, I just listen to her lo. Buy a test kit $4 and test it – result show one red line only, mean no pregnant [...]

ShareTweet Last month, I have bought a set of beauty diary mask from my friend, the owner of http://www.princess-castle.net. I want to say thank you to her because she purposely sent the mask to Puchong for me . Photo below showing different type of the mask. Different type has different function. Sorry ya, I do [...]

ShareTweet A very big thanks to Tung who capture all these photos using his New and Powerful HTC phone . Recall back to 24-12-2009……… we actually didnt plan to celebrate or organize any christmas party. But we are lucky ~ Because Our dear Catherine has brought us a christmas cake Besides the cake, Thanks to [...]

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