ShareTweet Our Hong Kong Disneyland ticket! We bought the ticket from Dragon Hostel-龙群宾馆. Ya, forgot to tell you where we stayed . We stayed at a budget hostel called H.K Commercial Inn – 中港商务宾馆. Both hostel just located at same building – Sincere House (先施大厦). Thus, it was convenience to drop by Dragon Hostel to [...]




ShareTweet 在家休息了三天,雨也足足下了三天。。 第一天的我很不习惯这样地浪费时间。。 心情平静不下来。。头上也生了很多蘑菇 :)

ShareTweet Today journey : WongDaiSin-SaiKong-Satin-TsimsaTsui-The Peak-Lam Kwai Fong Before that, we took our breakfast at one dim sum shop called “海港烧鹅海鲜”. Hubby and I looked so tired after 2 days trip “Siew Mai”

ShareTweet 1. 学一门外语。就算不能阅读外语原著,至少要能在社交场合用流畅外语进行基本对话与会谈。 2. 保护弱者。 人的强大,源于其善良的本资。 3. 交几个知心挚友。推心置腹的朋友, 是人生最大的财富。 4. 在公众场合亮相。学会把自己推到众人的面前,并且赢得他们的好感与尊重。 5. 旅游。 在大自然的伟大力量前,人才会发觉自身的渺小,并且保持反省与敬畏之心。

ShareTweet You may wish to read my previous blog before continue to read this post. Please dont misunderstood that I just back from Hong Kong Ya because this was happened since last year – 02-05-2009 Overview of my Hong Kong & Macau II (01-05 May 09). Due to today was Buddha’s birthday, alot people went [...]

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