ShareTweet It was so grateful that the god give us a chance to explore Europe for 25 days! It was just like a dream and we had made the dream come true!!! We had total explore 8 countries and more than 20 cities!!  It was such a good experience too!!! We saw a lot of things that [...]

ShareTweet Below are the summary of the Taiwan Trip. Just click on the link, it will bring you to the post related.   1.0 Welcome to Taiwan 台湾趴趴走 1.1 Welcome to Taiwan Xi Men Ding 台湾西门町趴趴走 1.2 Welcome to Taiwan Flora Expo 台湾花博趴趴走 1.3 Welcome to Taiwan Shilin Night Market 台湾士林夜市趴趴走 2.0 Welcome to Taiwan [...]

ShareTweet Continue from previous post.. From Xi Men Ding station, we took train to Taipei City Hall station (市政府站).  Our destination today was Taipei 101!      Once we reached Taipei City Hall. We saw Eslite bookstore (诚品信义店) again.      After a short distance walk, we saw Taipei 101!!!    

ShareTweet From Tai Zhung, we took around 2 and half hours back to Taipei. We stopped at Taiwan main station and we passed by the Taipei CityMall (Di xia jie 地下街).     There were so many shops along the subway.  

ShareTweet After check in hotel yesterday, we woke up early today in order to catch up the earliest boat. We had our breakfast at hotel first. Owner of TanHui hotel. 1 room with breakfast as well as all the tickets below costs NT2460.

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