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Are you ready?

Yeah~ We are ready!

Our family trip not 100% perfect because of my daddy lor =.=”’. We bought him flight ticket and he turned up say dont want go. So wasted >< . That day, he fetched us to LCCT airport.

There were total 14 of us ( 9 adults, 5 children ). Thus, one car cant fit all. We have to call another taxi which cost RM150 per trip.

Let’s go!

All the kids were so excited.

You will see alot of Amber’s photos in coming post :) I liked to take picture of her because she was so cute.

Not only the kids felt so excited but all of us too!

We reached LCCT airport.

Hong Hong and Bin Bin.

Nowadays, children go travel, doll also follows.

We were heading to departure hall.

My hubby looked like body guard right?

The counter was opened to check in.

My sister and her hubby. She was VIP ( very important person ) for this trip. Because she arranged everything for us! A tour guide for 13 people! Be a tour guide, not easy yo~ For me, I will faint @_@.

Ming Ming felt so bored while waiting us to check in.

My sister-in-law tried to explain the Melbourne’s itenary to all children. So that they got some ideas about their trip to Melbourne.

Hoho…Let’s take a picture first before boarding. As usual, my hubby was the camera man.Where is my big brother? He went to a shop buying something.

Yeah… Boarding time. We took X-AirAsia to Melbourne. We purchased the ticket during the Air Asia Free Seat promotion since last year. Our flight ticket including surcharges, fees & taxes is around RM530 per person round trip.

Due to our ticket was promotion price. So, we were not allowed to choose seat. We sat separately with others.

However, we still can see them from our place.


Even they went to toilet, we also can spot them.

Our set meal. It cost RM7.50 per set.

Barbeque Chicken.

Nasi Lemak. The Nasi Lemak they served when we fly from KL to Melbourne not really taste good because cold already. But, the Nasi Lemak they served when we fly back from Melbourne to KL was so delicious ~ !! I miss it so much ~

Ming Ming felt so bored in plane.

So, I asked him to take photo together.


See this naughty Ming Ming.

Bin Bin was so busy watching movie via his PSP.

While Ming Ming was so busy playing the puzzle.

Our departing time was 2pm and arriving time was 12am. In fact the whole journey is just 8 hours only. Just because Australia time is 2 hours later than Malaysia time. From afternoon…

Till Evening…

Till night…

Finally we reached Melbourne Airport.

They were so happy.

Amber felt so proud to show us her little cute red glove.

Amber and her mummy.

Outside weather was around 11 °C. Thus, everyone was wearing the winter jacket.

We took 2 taxi – 1 van, 1 car to our hotel – Hotel Formule 1. After 25 mins, we reached Hotel Formule 1. Our taxi fare is around AUD89(Van) and AUD58 (Car). *To convert back to RM, x3 *

Hotel Formule 1.

Checking in the hotel.

Already 1 am Melbourne time. This Amber still so energetic.

Xuan Xuan looked so tired after a whole day journey.

My mom.

Hotel Formule 1 is a budget hotel/backpacker hotel. AUD79 per night. It could be shared by 4 people. Quite cheap right? There was a queen size bed.

A double decker bed.

1 toilet and 1 bath room. The room quite clean.

Do you see the map below? Our hotel was just located at the centre of the city. You can just walk to those famous tourist places ( highlighted in pink color ) such as Queen Victoria Market, State Library of Victoria, Parliament House, St Paul’s Cathedral, Federation Square, Flinder Station and etc. Convenience right?

See, this is one of the tourism spot I mentioned above – Flinder station. I shoot this photo near by our hotel.

So, If you are looking for cheap hotel at Melbourne City. You can try Hotel Formule 1 :)

Hotel Formule 1 Melbourne City
97-103 Elizabeth Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
Website :

The time was late already. Almost all the shops were closed. We walked to 7-eleven nearby to get some drinks and food. Luckily, we found a shop named Pie Face still open.

We quickly went to the shop to grab some “Hot” food like bread, pie, sandwich. The Chicken & Mushroom Pie cost AUD4.95. Expensive right? But worth to try! It was so delicious & Yummy!

Coffee? No, thanks! We need to sleep earlier and sleep tight for tomorrow journey.

I have not much thing about Melbourne can be shared for Day 1. From photos above, you also know that we have spent most of the time at AIRPORT and AEROPLANE :) . Hehe…no worries, you will get the chance to see more and more photos of Melbourne’s beautiful view in the coming post!

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17 Responses to “Melbourne in Winter Day 1”

  1. Siloy Kee Says:

    Hey, nice trip. The hotel is simple n nice. Btw, I like Amber’s soft toy, haha…

  2. QiQi Says:

    Thanks…Haha..U spot Amber’s soft toy oh ~ She named her soft toy as “LULU”. Her sister’s one called “Kelly”.. Nowadays children so 幸福!

  3. Janice Says:

    Hi there..your blog is very useful to me coz i will be going to melbourne on next april with my family. Besides than going to mount buller for your melbourne trip, which areas of tourist attraction do you went to? I need to plan for it too..i need more information, is it more convenient for me to rent a van to go around melbourne or should i just book a tour guide?

  4. QiQi Says:

    Melbourne City (Queen Victoria Market, St Paul’s Cathedral, Art Centre, The Crown, State Library of Victoria, Town Hall, Eureka Skydeck 88, Fitzroy Gardens, Royal Botanic Gardens and the Flagstaff Gardens, Brington Beach, Shrine Of Rembrance, Water Front City – You can take the city tram as the tram will bring you travel the city. FOC. Someplaces can just walk, take bus, train or cab. So, not required tour guide.

    Mount Buller is nice to go during snowing time. We went there last year June. I think April still not snowing yet. So, not really worth to go as the journey took around few hours from city. If you didnt go this place, you can go Ballarat which is nice to go also.

    If you able to drive at Melbourne, of course better. More freedom but the driver abit wasted as no time to enjoy the view. If you dont want to drive, you can take the tour guide for the day trip e.g Great Ocen Road, Puffy Billy, Ballarat, Philip Island.

    If you want to know more information, you can go to my summary page, there are alot link for you to click and link to my trip day by day:

    Melbourne is a very nice place and suitable for family trip!!! Enjoy ur trip!!

  5. Janice Says:

    Thanks for your reply.Actually I managed to find a tour guide for AUD 183 for 3 days..It includes Philip Island, Gold Trail and Great Ocean Road..7 of us will be i m thinking whether worth joining the tour.of coz the time will be packed with the tour guide. What an coincidence, I will be staying at the same hotel that you stayed in melbourne (formule 1)..your blog is really time i also want to do like you..

  6. QiQi Says:

    Hihi..AUD183 for 3 days got include stay or meal? By bus or by van? I think quite cheap oh. That time we rented car as we got kids. So it quite difficult to follow tour always want to find toilet, place to sleep and even want drink milk..ahaha…so we rent car is a good choice. very convenience. If your group all adult then should follow tour..not need fan so much.. Just enjoy the view and not need spent so much time on doing research on finding the location, where s the toilet, where to eat. Although got GPS, but it will still take up alot ur time.

    I was glad to hear that my blog was useful for you. Actually sometimes I was headache on finding info..So, I was thinking why not I shared my journey to others, so that others people can take this as a reference and have some idea on Melbourne~ By the way, I want to put everything here so in future, I can still refer back and recall back all the happy moment ^^

    So, if you intend to do it! Go ahead!! And remember to share with me when you have your own blog :) Take care and have a nice day!

  7. Janice Says:

    AUD183 is include admission fee, exclusive meal. It is by van.Somemore the tour guide is mandarin speaking.All of us are adult, as you said maybe we will be more relax just follow the tour..i having headache on doing research on where to go..i also need to plan for my sydney trip..

    I m not good in writing blog like you..btw, how to insert all the photo at your blog..i like to take photos, sure i will take a lot of photo..take care and hv a nice weekend!

  8. QiQi Says:

    So nice o..can go Sydney as well ~ I use wordpress for my blog. There is a function to insert photo ^^ But one by one :P so abit time consuming :D

  9. Janice Says:

    yea..i really cant wait for my trip..i think i really need to learn on how to insert the photo..most of the time, i will upload my photos at facebook.

  10. Cath Says:

    Hello there!

    I intend to book this hotel and i am glad to read your postive review of the hotel:D

    Silly question, is there a phone in the room?

  11. QiQi Says:

    Hi, glad to hear that you are going to Melbourne! If not mistaken, the room didnt have phone!~

  12. Cath Says:

    How is the room in general? Reading the reviews in Tripadvisor is quite a turn off :x
    I am going on my own and looking at budget hotel – i’m ok as long it’s clean and safe.

    Hope to hear from your feedback Qiqi!

  13. QiQi Says:

    Overall we felt ok. Clean and safe. In and out need access card. From my photos, you can see how’s the room look like. Not bad right? Then the location also quite ok. I can even shoot the photo of Flinder station infront our hotel. Of course, is up to you to decide whether want to stay or not. I only can tell you my experience :)

  14. Lynn Says:

    Your blog looks very good..Hi,the van for the airport transfer u book from the airport?

  15. QiQi Says:

    Lynn..My sister booked one… I think even reach airport, alot van waiting there also. Maybe can book from the airport.

  16. Edmund Lee Says:

    Hi Qiqi, planning to go there in March. How’s the weather there in March? Cold and Hot within a day? Plan to rent a Tarago, which company you recommend? Is it okay to get the car in airport?

  17. QiQi Says:

    Hi winter is on JUN.I remember that time on jun mount buller just started snowing and at town the degree is March should be autumn, the the weather is nice weather..we get the hertz as our car rent company..

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