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ShareTweet Do you know who is this little shame shame boy? He is my super HERO – PS When PS was 1 year old. PS was so naughty when he was 3 years old. PS’s siblings – Start from left -> Brother, PS, 2nd younger sister, 3rd younger sister, Eldest Sister. Actually still got one [...]

ShareTweet There were alot photos was uploaded in this post. I am sure it will kill your bandwidth. Thus, please make sure your internet line is fast enought to load this page :p. You may interest to read on previous entry CNY eve, CNY Day 1 and CNY Day 2. On the 3rd day of [...]




ShareTweet 通常大年初二,出嫁的女儿会带着丈夫和孩子们回娘家。。 因为我们长大了,所以我们带着妈妈回他的娘家。。 Today is the day for my parent to visit their parent, siblings, cousin, and relatives. Our first station will be my Father’s sister’s house! My small aunty 小姑 which located at Sungai Besar 大港. We reached there around 11am. We were served with “Bak Kut Teh” which cooked by my small aunty! [...]

ShareTweet Cameron Highlands 金马伦高原 On 2002/2003, Me and my KTAR schoolmates went to Cameron Highlands trip for 3 days 2 nights. I like the weather in Cameron Highlands. It s cold and nice . We went there by bus from KL. It took around 5 hours only reached.. We stayed at Honeymoon villa.  Place we [...]

ShareTweet Pulao Pangkor  邦咯岛  Er….don’t know which year already, i think is Year 2002 ba~ My exclassmate and I have organized a trip to Pangkor.   We took bus from Hentian Duta, KL to Lumut. From Lumut jetty, we took ferry to Pangkor Island. Let’s Go~ Reached jetty of Pangkor Island! After checked in the [...]

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