ShareTweet You may wish to read Day 3 before start reading this post…   Start from this post, some of the photos below were contributed by my brothers and sister. No matter what camera we used was not important. The most important, we able to capture all the happy moments and stored it here Let’s [...]

ShareTweet First of all, I would like to thanks everyone for the patient on loading all the photos below…Haha ^^ I know is alot but I really cant control myself not to share so much photos here   Let’s start my story for day 3 ~ If you have read my previous post. You will [...]

ShareTweet If you have read my day 2 post, you may curious whether we able to wake up at 5am today? Hehe, we failed to wake up except my sister. She was superb! She wake up at 5am and give everyone a “morning call” at 5:30am. So, this time, we were not as late as [...]

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