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Almost 2 weeks didnt update my blog! So sorry for the late post :P  Continue from previous entry, we went to Feng Jia night market (逢甲夜市).  This is the famous night market in TaiChung. Heard that Feng Jia is the second biggest night market in Taiwan (Shilin 士林夜市 is the biggest).

Alot people queue up for this stall – Gold Leg (黄金有腿). So we just followed.

Taste good. Forgot the price already. I think should be around NT40 – NT60.

One of the TaiChung’s university (逢甲大学)

Popular food in Taiwan (大肠包小肠).

Left is 大肠, right is 小肠.

Icing Gage Chips 甘梅薯条. Actually is 地瓜. I always tried to find 地瓜 from Singapore or Malaysia Shilin 士林 but always no stock.

Nice. I miss this so much :)

This food 大雕烧 looked so funny.

Taiwan also famous of papaya milk. 木瓜牛奶

Papaya Milk

Add Coffee 艾得咖啡

We ordered milk tea 双Q奶茶. Not bad.

We bought our supper here.

If not mistaken, the mee with the dumpling soup below is cost around NT80.

Dumpling soup.

Tempura 甜不辣。


Our supper ~! Eat until very full ^^

Things that we bought. Click here for day 7 ~

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