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Early morning, we went to Nan Taou bus counter (南投客运) to buy bus ticket to Sun Moon Lake (日月潭).

One way ticket - NT180. If buy 2 way the price will be cheaper. If not wrong, NT300.
Below are the timetables for normal day and weekend. The schedule might be different now as this photo was taken on March 2011. 
We had bought 3 pm ticket. So, we still had time to walk around at Tai Zhung. First thing to do, of couse EAT. We went to a famous restaurant – 阿水师猪脚大王 for our brunch (breakfast + lunch)! 
It will be easier if you walked from Tai Zhung main station. Below are the google map I found. The direction quite clear. Click on the map to for larger view.
可口猪脚 – NT60! The taste is good but too fat for me!!! So, I tried little bit only. 
Forgot how much :P
可口大肠筋 NT120
金针排骨汤 NT40
These are the food menu with the prices~
Wah sei, what’s that? In chinese, this called 滷鍋.

The sifu so funny. When he saw camera, he auto pose with his “pork leg”.
Zoom in and see! Haha.

Address : (台中公園總店) 中市公园路1号
Tel: 04-2224-5700
Opening hour: 10am to 9pm 
“(正)台中阿水獅豬腳40年老店,香Q卻不油膩的料理方式,儼然已成注重美食的饕客 「朝聖」之地。而台中阿水獅豬腳大王不換的滷鍋,更象徵著忠於原味的堅持。豬腳可以選擇要粗中段或是腳蹄,不過要自己先說。” This is what they said in their website :)
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