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Looking for referral for all eco world project – eco sanctuary, eco sky, eco terrace, eco majestic, eco summer, eco spring, eco tropics, feel free to contact me by drop an email at Thanks :) Below are some sharing about eco world project~

Heard about EcoWorld? Click on their website = then you will know more..Lets show you some of their projects ~ photo source from

Eco Sky –
Ecoworld (2)

Eco Majestic –


Eco Business Park I –

Eco Botanic –

Ecoworld (6)

Eco Spring –
Ecoworld (3)

Eco Summer –
Ecoworld (4)


Eco Terrace –
Ecoworld (5)

The Overall concept nice right? Have you own one? We have purchased one unit at Eco Summer :) If you need any referral, please pm me for the details as there will b an additional 1 % discount…below are some photo of Eco Spring & Eco Summer show unit, only a few as in the rush of time :D

Entrance of Eco Spring
ecosummer&spring (2)

Semi D of Eco Spring
ecosummer&spring (3)

Semi D Side View~
ecosummer&spring (5)

Eco Summer Double Storey ~ Brighton which is the unit we have bought :)

ecosummer&spring (6)

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