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After the tour at Shin She,  we took bus and get off at Dakeng 大坑, then we walked to a dessert shop called 东东芋圆.

We bought one cold and one hot drink. Each cup cost NT40. Actually we should order one enough as the portion was so big!


This is a very special dessert which you cant find in Malaysia. It was NOT bobocaca or Jelly.. dont know how to describe it..What I can say is 软中带Q! It taste different from what I tried at Jiu Fen Old street  So, if you want try the 芋圆, try at 东东芋圆!

东东芋圆 (大坑)

After that, we walked to Carton King 纸箱王!~

It was all made by Paper!~

Pisa Tower.

Eiffel Tower



Chairs, tables, cups all made by paper! ~


The music box so nice… Wish I can bring one back :P

Very nice lamp.

That’s all for our day 6 trip :D  Of course last but not least, we end of day 6 at Feng Jia Night market – eat and shop till drop!

紙箱王創意園區-大坑店Address: 台中市406北屯區東山路二段二巷二號〈大坑圓環前〉
(本座標僅供參考, 實際出發前請再次確認)
Tel No: 04-22398868
Opening Hour:10:00~21:00
Restaurant Opening Hour:11:00~20:30
Entrance Fees : NT100 (adult) * 100公分以下兒童免收門票
* If not mistaken, after 7 pm, no entrance fee is required.

For more info, please refer to their website.

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6 Responses to “6.5 Welcome to Taiwan Dakeng 台湾大坑纸箱王趴趴走”

  1. Kristine Says:


    How do you travel from Shinshe to Dakeng? How long and do you still rmb how much? :P What bus did you take?

  2. Kristine Says:


    also from Dakeng how do you get to Fengjia?

  3. QiQi Says:

    Most of the bus to Taichung will pass by da Keng. So quite lot bus, not to worry. U can also ask the shin she what bus no can reach da Keng. The driver will stop you at the bus stop as well. The fare not expensive, less than NT50 I think. Place I visited at da Keng, u can refer to my post below ;)

  4. QiQi Says:

    To Taichung train station first then chg bus to feng jia. But dun stay too late at Taichung as limited public transport. If you miss the last bus, then u have to find cab which is costly. I m not sure what time is the last bus but we bk around 8pm that time.

  5. Nicholas Says:


    which bus do I take to get to Dakeng from Taichung train station and back to Taichung train station from Dakeng? Is there a hourly bus? If no, what is the interval between the buses?

    Thank you!

  6. QiQi Says:

    We took bus no 6580 (搭豐原客運6581,6580『台中-中興嶺-東勢』的班車). This bus will reach shin she but u can stop at dakeng.  We catched the bus at 11:10 am because we missed the 9:30am bus. So the interval is around 1-2 hr. 豐原客運電話:(04)2523-4175. There were several bus to dakeng too. U may Google and see.

    For more details, please refer to following post :

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