ShareTweet If you have read my day 2 post, you may curious whether we able to wake up at 5am today? Hehe, we failed to wake up except my sister. She was superb! She wake up at 5am and give everyone a “morning call” at 5:30am. So, this time, we were not as late as [...]

ShareTweet Continue from my previous post, our next destination is Port Campbell National Park.   Most of the tourists will take Great Ocean Road (From Geelong -> Torquay -> Anglesea -> Lorne -> Apollo Bay) to reach Port Campbell National Park. You will see great ocean view along this road. [Picture Source]   But, we [...]

ShareTweet One day before, my sister already told us must get ready at 8am. But, you know la, we have a big group of people especially have so many kids…So, our progress slow abit…I think we delayed for 40mins ??? Is it ar? I also forgot already. After everyone get ready, our “Tour Guide(my sister)” [...]

ShareTweet Are you ready? Yeah~ We are ready! Our family trip not 100% perfect because of my daddy lor =.=”’. We bought him flight ticket and he turned up say dont want go. So wasted >< . That day, he fetched us to LCCT airport.



Back from Melbourne…

ShareTweet Finally I was back from long holiday I took a lot of photos and hope so can share with you all asap ^^! But I was tight of work schedule and other stuffs -.- Hopefully this coming weekend I have some times to update it. Be patient for my upcoming blog ya!

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