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We had our dinner at Oriental Chinese Restaurant – 东方美食 after visiting to Marina Bay Sands. Actually we have no idea what and where to eat. My sister just said want to try out the chinese restaurant at the Chinatown. So, she picked this Szechuan cuisine restaurant (四川菜,东北菜). 
It was so crowded during dinner time. Luckily we still able to find seat. Start ordering~
Mapo Tofu – 麻婆豆腐. Taste not bad.

Satay – 沙爹. OKOK ~

The only non-spicy dish that we ordered. The taste Normal la but the vege very crunchy :P


The waitress recommended this to us. She said most of the people will order this. This dish was super spicy lo.

Xiao Long Bao – 小龙包 - The taste So So but cheap! Only $4.5 for 6 if not mistaken.

I forgot what this dish called. This dish was cooked with egg plant and pork meat – I love this dish.

This fried dumpling – 锅贴 was nice.

Fried dumpling – 锅贴.

Our meal cost around SGD75++ for 6 persons. In conclusion, if you are spicy food lover, you may try out the food here. The taste of the food here abit different from Singapore food. It tastes more spicy and heavy.  No wonder most of the customer here were from China :D . I wondered also the chef here was from China too.
This is how’s the restaurant looked like. It was just near by Bee Cheng Hiang - 美珍香. You can easily recognize this restaurant, it was just located beside the road.

Oriental Chinese Restaurant - 东方美食
Address : 195, New Bridge Road, Singapore 059425.

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