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Due to my memory going to “Out of space”! I wish I can note down as much as my sweet memory in somewhere. So I start blogging~ and My Dear have decided to buy me a gift – Meaningful present right?

Of course I wont start the story since I was born ok! Those memories i really forgot . The only witness of my childhood of  my mom and my dad :) hehe :D

Let’s begin ^^

Once upon a time……

Year 2000
Brother:What you want to be in future??
Qi : Er..duno
Brother: What course you want to study??
Qi : Er..duno
Brother : =.=”’

* Brother just filled in and submitted the application form to KTAR :P
* When receiving approval letter, I still dont know what is Information System Enginering???
* When go to KL for orientation, I just know what I studied is something  about “computer”

Start from that moment “Computer” become part of my life :) untill now – 2009 still computer!

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