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26 Feb 2010 ~ which mean today will be the day to announce Toto result – “Singapore TOTO next jackpot, est $10,000,000″! Let’s see who is the winner! For those who havent bought it, grab the chance now.. you still have time. The sales will close today 9 pm.

Never try never have chance. Good luck to everyone who bought the TOTO. Same to me and my colleagues because we have shared $10 each person. These are our lucky number – 17,20,14,26,27,28,1,2,3,4 !!!!! We just finished Loh Sang + Loh Hei, so sure got abit power to HUAT ar ^^ !

Thank you so much to the person who holding this “GOLD” for us! When TOTO announce the result tomorrow, I will announce also about this secret people :) Then you can choose to thank you or blame on this people also ..wahaah… Be patient for my next post ~ To view the secret people and to know we got win or not. Click here :)

If you want to check the Toto result for 26 February 2010- Friday, click here

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