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Continue from previous place- CH Garden, we came to mushroom house(阿亮香菇园), we can see alot different kind of mushroom, such as Lentinula edodes(香菇),Ganoderma mushroom(灵芝菇),  Coprinus Comatus(鸡腿菇), pleurotus eryngii(杏鲍菇), Pleurotus citrinopileatus(珊瑚菇) and so on.
Plucking mushroom district.

The details of Lentinula edodes (香菇 )

Space bag cultivation (太空包栽培).
Ganoderma mushroom(灵芝菇).
You can bring them home. NT100 per pack.
Coprinus Comatus (鸡腿菇).


This is Coprinus Comatus (鸡腿菇). Does it looked like drumstick?
This is pleurotus eryngii (杏鲍菇).
This is Pleurotus citrinopileatus (珊瑚菇).
Want to try any fried mushroom? You can pick either 杏鲍菇 or 香菇. NT50 for each.
This was the van which fetch us around Shin She area, our next destination will be Princess Annie’s Garden 安妮公主花园.

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  1. Minc Says:


    I really enjoyed reading your blog. May i know how do i go to Annie’s garden and mushroom garden from taichung train station?

    I will be staying in ParkCity hotel taichung, which is near the taichung main train station.

    Thanks for advise.


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