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Today journey : WongDaiSin-SaiKong-Satin-TsimsaTsui-The Peak-Lam Kwai Fong

Before that, we took our breakfast at one dim sum shop called “海港烧鹅海鲜”.

Hubby and I looked so tired after 2 days trip :P

“Siew Mai”


Xia Long Bao – 小笼包


Wong Tai Sin Temple – 啬色园黄大仙祠


Wong Tai Sin building was under renovate. Thus, Wong Tai Sin was moving to another building.


After that, we went to Choi Hong Station – 彩虹站. From there we took mini greenbus no 1A to Sai Kung. After 1 hour journey, we arrived Sai Kung town.

Sai Kung New Village – 西贡新村.

海鲜街. In english we called “Seafood Street”.

Variety of fresh seafood in the glass tanks outside the restaurants

My hubby

Later we were going to take this kind of boat for sightseeing – 出海!

Just Kidding la, we took a better and bigger one for safety purpose.

If not mistaken, the fare was around HKD20-30 per person. It brought us to 2 islands. Let’s go!

Let’s go upstair of the boat first.

Behind me was Sai Kung Pier.

Dear and I

So windy!

Inside the boat.

The view.

We reached the first island.

Yo, you see! So crowded.

Then, we continued our journey to second island.

Hopefully my camera wont drop from the table :P

Hap Mun Bay Beach – 厦门湾泳滩.


Nothing to do, so just took photos :) .

Hehe…Hope so this time my camera wont drop into the sea :P .

Look behind, a lot people BBQ there.

It was so hot actually.

Simply took photos.

A tree without leaf.

Again? Hehe ^^ We were so lazy to setup the tripod.

Waiting for the boat to fetch us back to Sai Kung.

Sai Kung New Public Pier 西贡新公众码头.

The purpose I brought my hubby to Sai Kung was to experience how’s the Hong Kong people selling fish.

So many fresh seafood!

Hong Kong people like to bring their pet to Sai Kong promenade for a walk. The doggie looked so cute.

We were so hungry so we continued our journey to Sha Tin – 沙田. If you want to go Senzhen, you may take a train till Lo Wu/Lok Ma Chau – 罗湖/落马洲.

We reached Satin.

We went to a famous restaurant called Lung Wah Hotel-龙华酒店. It took around 10-15 walk from Satin Station.

Old time Lung Wah hotel.

A brand new Lung Wah hotel.

We came here to eat Shatin Pigeon in Hong Kong -沙田乳鸽.

We ordered sweet and sour pork – 咕噜肉 as well.

Is time to go Tsim Sha Tsui. We were rushing for 8 pm show-A Symphony of Lights – 幻彩詠香江.

The show was started.

This spectacular multimedia display, already named the “World’s Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show” by Guinness World Records, has been further expanded to include more than 40 buildings on both sides of Victoria Harbour. [Source]

This is a must-see event on any visit to Hong Kong.

After the show, we have a walk at Avenue of Stars – 星光大道. This was a Hong Kong Film Awards statuette.

Hong Kong’s incredible panoramic views.

It was so beautiful.

There were so many photographers asking you for photo shooting. They charged around HKD20 per photo with Size 5R. Hehe, we also bought one… and dang dang… this is the photo lar~

Let’s zoom in..Got sui bo? Er…If you have DSL camera, then not need to ask photographer la~

Andy Lau signatory!

Actually so many people was looking at us. So paiseh >< but dont care lar~

A life-size statue of the legendary kung-fu action star, Bruce Lee.

Everyone will do the same thing like us :P 1, 2, 3 Action!

Some history about Avenue of Star.

Okie la, have to say byebye to Avenue of Star lor~

It was 9 pm already. Our next station – The Peak (山顶).

We took Star ferry to Hong Kong Island.

Again for Hong Kong night view.

Then, we took cab to The peak.

Another nice place to see the Hong Kong night view. But too bad it was raining that night. So romantic ^^.

Then, we went to The Central and went to Yung Kee Restaurant – 镛记酒家 to eat the world famous roast goose!

We ordered half of roast goose! It was so delicious lar~ I want to try it again if I have the chance to visit HK again! Besides roast goose, I also planned to try for Deep Fried Prawns with Mini Crab Roe and Deep Fried Scallops. Just to let you know most of the food in Yung Kee Restaurant received a Gold with Distinction Award thus the price was costly as well. But it was worth to try it once in your life :D

Another must try item – Creamy Century Eggs with pickled ginger. Actually the roasted goose with rice is not as tasty as you ordered half of goose. Believe me, the taste was different.

The wantan noodle – $24 HKD per bowl.

A grand restaurant – Yung Kee Restaurant – 镛记酒家.

Lam Kwai Fong was just near by, thus we have a walk there before we back to our hotel! Such a tired day we enjoyed so much because today we able to go where we planned to go and eat what we planned to eat^^ Yea!

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