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You may wish to read my previous blog before continue to read this post. Please dont misunderstood that I just back from Hong Kong Ya :P because this was happened since last year – 02-05-2009

Overview of my Hong Kong & Macau II (01-05 May 09).

Due to today was Buddha’s birthday, alot people went to Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island for praying. See, it was so crowded. We took 3 hours just to queue !!! Terrible and horrible ~

We took 25 minutes cable car ride from Tung Chung to Ngon Ping Village.

Besides taking the cable car, you also can walk to Ngon Ping using this trail.

We can see Hong Kong Airport from here.

Nice view!

Do you see the world’s biggest outdoor seated Buddha? We almost reached :)

We have our lunch at Ngon Ping Garden Restaurant – 昂坪膳房.

Vegetarian Food.

Environment of the restaurant.

Ngon Ping Village.

Dang Dang ~ View of Ngon Ping village from upstair.


Experience the path of enlightment – Walking with Buddha “与佛同行”.

Aftr the show, we walked around the village before waiting our next show – Monkey’s Tale Theatre

The weather was so hot.

Thus, we went to eat dessert at a desser shop called Honeymoon Dessert – 满记甜品.


We have total paid HKD58 for this 2 bowls of dessert.

Is time to watch the Monkey’s Tale Theatre. It was a comical show.

There were 268 steps to reach the platform where the Buddha is seated.

Can walk together with my dear. No worry about tired :)

Half way to go…

Almost reached!

It was difficult to set up tripod on staircase. Thus, we hold the tripod and took this photo. Not bad right?

Yeah, we reached the top.

Giant Buddha

Self tripod.

After that, we went to Po Lin Monastery – 大雄宝殿.

Today was Buddha’s birthday, thus you will see the buddha status at Po Lin Monastery.

We gave Buddha statue a bath.

My turn.

Dong, Dong, Dong…

From Po Lin Monastery it’s a short walk to the Wisdom Path, an outdoor replica of the centuries old Heart Sutra, one of the world’s best-known prayers that is revered by Confucians, Buddhists and Taoists alike. The sutra is displayed on wooden pillars placed in the form of a figure “∞” to symbolise the idea of immeasurable splendour and infinity.

Wisdom Path – 心经简林


Cool right? I can hold this 光明宝珠

Hehe ^^

Haha… We are to free!

We walked until the gate closed :P

Sunset – A big and round sun. Okla, it was late. Is time to go back already. We took bus go down to Tung Chung City Centre.

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