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Unknown Comment

I have received 37commentsssssssss in one day! And those comments Yuckksssss ! See ~

It was so annoying me! What I can do on those !@#$% comments… Delete one by one lur~ Sianz! Hopefully it will not happen anymore. Is it a virus? Anyone face this before? Kindly advice please :(

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2 Responses to “Unknown Comment”

  1. luyee Says:

    it’s spam ler, u can bulk delete one. select all pending for approval and delete. also activate your akismet plugin, it’s to control spam

  2. QiQi Says:

    Aiyo~ How come I didnt notice can bulk delete =.=”’ SIGH~ Anyway! Thanks alot ! I have tried to activate the akismet plugin ! But in order to activate the akismet, it need API Key. Do you know how to get this key?

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