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Click here if you wish to read my Taiwan Day 5. When you came to Tai Zhung, remember to visit Shin She 新社 because there were so many places to go! You can click on the map below for larger view.

Great to share with everyone, Shin She did provide shuttle service 新社协会驳导览车 which cost only NT250 per pax per day from 09:00 am to 0530 pm. Remember to do an advance booking (預約專線:04-25821058(如有確定日期,請提早預約,並主動電話確認。(兩人以上成行)). But their pick up point at Shin She. So, you may still need to travel to Shin She by your own. 

Let’s start to share with you my trip to Shin She! From  our homestay. We took mini bus no 25 to Tai Zhung Train Station (台中火车站) 
We waited the bus infront this Calorie restaurant.

Since we havent took our breakfast, so we bought this bread NT20 to fill up our stomache first.
After waiting a while, the bus came. At Tai Zhung, you may need to prepare alot coins as the EASY card cant be used here. The bus fare to Tai Zhung Train Station was NT21 per pax.
When we reached Tai Zhung Train station, we asked around and finally found 豐原客運. It was just located opposite the Tai Zhung train station.  This is how the station looked like.

We took bus no 6580 (搭豐原客運6581,6580『台中-中興嶺-東勢』的班車).  We catched the bus at 11:10 am because we missed the 9:30am bus. 豐原客運電話:(04)2523-4175
On the way to Shin She.
We reached soon. This is one of the attraction at Shin She.
We called Shin She officer when we arrived Shin She. After a while, a van came to pick us.  There were still another 2 tourist together with us. So, the driver checked with us where to go then he will arrange for us. We just told him we wish to go Lavender Cottage 薰衣草森林,Princess Annie’s Garden 安妮公主花园,Sinshe Summit Resort 新社庄园 :) At first he said to 薰衣草森林 and to 新社庄园 is different direction. So, it may be rush abit and may be no time go.  But he said will try la.  Our itenary today is 千桦花园–>阿亮香菇园 –>安妮公主花园–>薰衣草森林–>新社古堡–>—>東東芋園—>紙箱王—>逢甲夜市
Firs station – CH Garden 千桦花园。
Entrance fees is NT100 but we not need to pay. Hehe good. I think maybe they free for those customer who took the Shin She Shuttle service.
蓝色之屋。Actually it was a restaurant.
Actually the garden here was just small and it was just about FLOWER. Let’s scroll down for all the flower’s photo :)

Photos belowe were taken by my hubby using my small camera. I think the quality not bad too.

We just spent 45 mins here :P Next, we will visit to mushroom house!


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11 Responses to “6.0 Welcome to Taiwan Shin She 台湾新社千桦花园趴趴走”

  1. Lyn Says:

    Hi could you provide time table for the 豐原客運 @ tai chung where you took the bus to shin she? I could not find it and my chinese is not very strong. ha..

  2. QiQi Says:

    This is their website

    If not wrong, this should be the time table~

    When you in Taiwan, you can call them to checkout the time to confirm too ;)

  3. Wanzhen Says:

    Hi Qiqi,

    Chanced upon your blog and it is amazing!! Esp when its my first time touring Tw, so detailed! Will it be convenient for you to send me your Tw itinerary for reference?

    Thank you so much!

  4. QiQi Says:

    Hi Wan Zhem, not sure my itinerary suit for you or not as I went Taiwan for photo shooting plus travel :P so the journey I arranged not really covered whole Taipei :) Anyway, I can send to you for your reference. Hope it helps on your planning!

  5. Louis Says:

    Hi Qiqi,

    Was looking at your interesting itinerary on Sinshe and was wondering if the sinshe shuttle can only be booked via phone booking? is there a website that is still available.
    See in the website link that from 1st Jan 2013, they do not provide this service? Not sure if I have mistaken?

    Can I also request you to share your itinerary for my reference

  6. Daphne Says:

    Hi Qiqi

    Am using your blog to plan my Taiwan trip next month and am planning to go to similar places such as yours. Hence, could you share your itinerary with me?(:

    Also, how long in advance did you make your Sinshe shuttle bus booking? I’m going Sinshe on my 2nd day after reaching not sure if is too late to book 1 day in advance. Lastly, must you state what time you will book the shuttle bus at Sinshe or is there no timing? I’m worried that I might miss the bus to Sinshe from Taichung (ie overslept….)

    Thank you very much!

  7. QiQi Says:

    Hi Daphne,

    i booked 1 day in advance. but is good that u book before u call then give them a call 1 day in advance to reconfirm. They have a few timing, the first timing should b 10 am, and every 1 hour has shuttle service also. That day we reach there around 12 pm i guess :P still enough time to travel along shin she, just missed out some places..

  8. Christina Says:


    Chance upon your blog while researching my trip to Taichung. Mainly require a cabby to travel around. We only have 2 pple to travel together so is abit pricey on the cab.

    Will it be fine if you send me your iterniary for reference? Thanks! :)

  9. QiQi Says:

    Hi, when U will go Taiwan? Will send the itinerary asap as now tight up with some works~!

  10. saptenber Says:

    Hi qiqi, your blog is very informative n easy to understand. But I have some questions. So I took the bus 6580 or 6581 and I alight at the station caled – xinshe?

    Also for the advance booking I can only call them via the no. 1day in advance or how should Igo about for booking for 03.03.15 if I want to book with them now.

    Also lastly can I check how to do I inform then the places I want to go or I can only go with their standards pre fix line.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

  11. QiQi Says:


    Here is the bus guide

    You can check about the tour guide booking here

    You can choose places you wish to go from map below, they will try to fetch if they can..

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