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If you have read my day 2 post, you may curious whether we able to wake up at 5am today? Hehe, we failed to wake up except my sister. She was superb! She wake up at 5am and give everyone a “morning call” at 5:30am. So, this time, we were not as late as yesterday.
In order to save time, we have our breakfast in car. We ate ♥ Subway ♥. Yummy ~
Let’s start our journey! Our destination today is Mount Buller, a winter wonderland which I wish to go long time ago~ Hooray! Mount Buller is the largest ski resort in Victoria. It took 3 hours drive from Melbourne.
We saw blue sky and green field along the way. It was so relaxing.
Doing exercise in car?
Mother and daughters.

Kai Bin was listening to music. How come he looked so moody?
Saw alot black cattle on the green field.
One of our rented car – Toyota Tarago.
We stopped by Mansfield to get some visitor’s information. Mansfield was a small town in the foothills of Mount Buller.
So happy that we were going to reach our destination. Just another 45mins!
Took some photos before continue our journey.
My brother and my sister-in-law.
My brother looked so “Yao Yeng”.
Me and PS.
Brother and his son – Yu Hong.
Me and my sister – Jaycey. Actually the weather here was so cold.
We stopped by here to rent something.
Rent snowboard ski? Nono…
We came here is to rent snow chain! Have you seen this thing before? It was used to fit on the driving wheels so that it can maximize grip and safety while driving on the snow environment.
Click here if you want know the tips driving on snow environment.
Grandmother and grandchilds.
Mom’s lovely grandson.
We were adviseable to rent the water and wind proof jacket, pant as well as the boot else we will get wet when walk on snow. My brother and sister were discussing want to rent or not.
While my second brother and PS went outside to learn how to fit the snow chain on the driving wheel.
After few minutes discussion, we all decided to rent the jacket, pant and boot – Whole set AUD46! Haha, Amber was wearing the jacket but the size was too big for Amber~
This is the boot! Amber felt so unconfortable wearing it.
Jia Xuan & Yu Ming.
They are friendly.
Do you see the snow cap on the top of the mountain infront us? That was Mount Buller!
My mom and brother’s family.
Brother’s family.
Another shot.
Me, sister and lovely mummy.
We are happy family ^^
We were taking photo with the mount buller behind us.
We keep repeating the same background because we were too excited when saw the snow cap!
Change background first.
Hehe… Same background with different people.
Same background, same people but different attire. Lol. Wearing the winter jacket only looked like at winter place ma.
Same background, same people, same attire but different camera mode! Paiseh..Paiseh…We were super like to take photo. Free of charge ma.
Next! Hehe…
Welcome to Mount Buller.
Car admission AUD32 per day; overnight fee AUD6
Are you carrying wheel chain? Yes, we were! We were told that snow chain was not required to fit on the wheel. Just required to carry along if we overnight at Mount Buller else there will be a fine. So, we just followed the rules.
This is how’s the road condition. So far didnt see any snow.
Finally we saw!
It was so excited to see the snow along the road.
Such a nice view!
If you dont want to drive, you can also take the bus or taxi.
Just 20mins journey, we eached the car park. We took free shuttle bus to Mount Buller village. For those who have luggage are not allow to take bus. Thus, 4 heros will take all the luggages by cab.If not mistaken, the fare should be AUD14 per person.
We were waiting for the bus at Toboggan & snow play area.
It was such a big snow play area.
Actually the Toboggan here is bigger than Toboggan at Mount Buller village. By the way, if we wish to have fun here, we can still take the free shuttle bus to this place.
I guess so the kids were have alot fun here.
Let’s take a picture first while waiting for the bus.
My brother got all the jacket’s color – Red, Blue, Green. FYI. the color mean the size – red is XL, blue is M and green is S. I like red color but too bad, the size was big for me :( . So, I got blue color..Not nice de ~
Kai Bin and Yu Hong. They looked natural in this photo right?
Yu Ming was playing with the snow.
So cute especially with the red cheeks.
Why Amber’s face so black. I think she was not enough sleep. Pity her…
Jia Xuan with the eskimo’s hat.
The kids was hungry. Thus, my brother bought them some hot jam donuts.
Yu Ming and his mom.
They were busy with their hot jam donuts! Looked yummy-licious!
Finally we reached our destination – Mount Buller Village!
A very nice tree with the snow.
Kai Bin was so proud that he were here.
Yo… This Jia Xuan, 15 mins still havent her donuts…
Amber still bad mood. Dont want walk herself. Want her mummy carry her.
Dont want take photo as well. But this photo quite nice. I like it.
We were walking toward our resort now. How’s our resort looked like? I will share with you in my next post! To be continued…

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5 Responses to “Melbourne in Winter Day 3 @ Mount Buller Part I”

  1. Rizkisari Says:

    Hi!what a lovely family you got there.
    Thank you for posting all the wonderful foto and info about Mt Buller,my family are going there around 27 june 2011,almost the same time with you .
    Was looking for info & your post pretty much clear every question I had,as im bringin my 4y and 10y old.

  2. Rizkisari Says:

    Btw,would you recommend renting the outfit at Mansfield or at Mt Buller??

  3. QiQi Says:

    Hi Rizkisari! Thanks for visiting my blog~ Opps, almost 1 yr soon!! So nice to hear that you will bring ur 4y n 10y! Melbourne was great for family trip..Your kids sure will enjoy it so much! U made me miss my Melbourne trip ^^

  4. QiQi Says:

    Our rental for jacket, pants and boot is AUD46 from Mansfield whereas from Mt Buller is AUD57 according to the rates which I got it from MtBuller website –

    Although different 10++ but I guess the quality should be better and looked nicer. Frankly speaking, I was not really like the color but I have no choice as 1 size one color.. hehe.But nvm la, can save 10+, so consider ok la. If you ok with the outfit and color, I will advise you to get it from Mansfield first especially for kids. This is because when you reach Mt Buller, you may need to start walking on snow. You can walk better with the boot ^^

  5. WILLIAM Says:

    I and my family were in mt Buller in late JUNE 2012.The trip
    was fantastic,still recall a lot of memories ……………..

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