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You may wish to read part 1 before continue this post.

Finally we got our house key on 2010 March!Let’s show you our house :)

Living room.

Dining Room.

Dry Kitchen

Wet kitchen.

Staircase to upstair.

Master Room.

Master Room Toilet.

A place for us to put some plants.

A place for you to plant some flowers. Besides that, you may build a balcony at this area if you have budget.

Medium Room 1 & 2. There is one more room at downstair.

My house front view.

Out next step is : Check defect.  As of Oct 2010, we have total found 6 defects. For e.g.

Crack on the wall.

Do you saw something on the wall?

Zoom in to see. Water leaking from ceiling!

There were some other defects happened at sliding door and windows.

A contractor has taught my hubby to use the clay block the toilet hole, then fill in the waters. After 1 week, check and see got any water leaking from downstair. We had did that and luckily, no water leaking found from downstair after 1 week.

Overall, not much defect found and we were quite satisfied SP Setia workman ship.. Hope so not much problems happened after few years as our defect warranty period is only 3-5 years. After that, we have to self pay lorr ~

After checking defect, what’s our next plan?


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5 Responses to “Sp Setia Eco Garden @ Johor Part 2”

  1. Mathew Says:

    Hi there ,

    I just recently make a booking on Luciana & is still in loan approval process . Therefore i took sometime to Google out any additional information.

    I saw your posting on your new Home @ Setia Eco Garden.I was curious over the crack and water leaking.How ‘s the response from the Developer and how long it takes for the developer to fix the issue ?

    Perhaps you can give me some advice or views you want to share with on Setia Eco Garden

  2. QiQi Says:

    Below are some “procedures” need to be done if you u found any issue (Defect) in future. Hope it helps!
    1) Note down your defect or maybe can take a photo for own record.
    2) Go to SP Setia & look for Resident Club’s officer.
    3) Tell them your house defect and fill in a defect form.
    4) Pass them your house key.
    5) It tooks 1 – 2 weeks to fix the defects.
    6) They will call you and send you a notification letter once the defect was fixed.

    * Term & Condition: They will only accept defects before renovation. If the defect was caused by your renovation work. They will not accept it as a defect.

    So far I found that SP Setia has a good finishing work. As of now, I only found 5 ~ 6 defects and all were solved by the developer in a short period. So you dont need to worry much ^^

  3. Matt Says:

    Hi, can ask you, what exactly is the clay block?? I’m curious cos I’m getting my unit there soon. Thanks in advance.

  4. QiQi Says:

    Hi Matt, we used clay to block the toilet hole and we filled up the water in toilet and leave it for 1 week. After 1 week. If the water still remained same mean that no water leaking out from the floor around the toilet to 1st floor. This method is to detect whether any water leaking of the ceiling at 1st floor from bathroom upstair. You can get the clay from Bukit Indah Jusco. Hope it helps!!!

  5. Matt Says:

    Noted and thanks

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