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This story was happened on Feb 2009! It was almost happened 1 year ago! So sorry about the photo quality ya. Because I forgot to bring camera to Hong Kong :P I just took the photo using Sony Ericson G19. Hehe ^^ Paiseh Paiseh ~

Enjoying my 2009 Chinese New Year holiday in Malaysia! My brother’s little puppy – Golden Retriever! Now, grow up already lor.

Can I have one puppy?
Hong-Kong (2)

In Feb, I total took 4 time of flights! 2 times is because going to back to KL during Chinese New Year.
Hong-Kong (3)

Of course by Air Asia.
Hong-Kong (4)

Then another 2 times is flying to Hong Kong the next day! Yea! So happy and excited because can go Hong Kong 2 weeks! Of course “give and take” theory always applied to this reality world. My Take is “Can go Hong Kong” and my Give is “Cannot go Bali”!
Hong-Kong (6)

First time went to Hong Kong~ Sure excited la. My team buddies – WeiNi and Joanne :)
Hong-Kong (8)

And Fenny! We still got another 大姐大 “Tai Ga Jies” went together with us. You will able to see their photo later.
Hong-Kong (9)

This place was cozy.
Hong-Kong (10)

It was nice to rest here.
Hong-Kong (11)

Guess and see where is this place?
Hong-Kong (12)

This place is toilet lar! ^^ Thank you Li Shya who brought us to this Toilet & Powder room. It was a nice and luxury toilet in Changi Airport. Haha :D
Hong-Kong (13)

While waiting for the flight. 2 of our Tai Ga Jie “大家姐” – Cheng-I & Li Shya. Lady boss – PTeng want to keep low profile, so she just helped us to take photo!
Hong-Kong (70)

Business trip always took Singapore Airlines! Siok ~ Like SIA so much :)
Hong-Kong (14)

Let’s have a group photo first!
Hong-Kong (71)

This is the reason I always want to grab the window seat lar! Very beautiful blue sky leh!I love it ~
Hong-Kong (15)

Sky + Cloud made a beautiful world.
Hong-Kong (16)

Our Breakfast set
Hong-Kong (72)

We almost reached. Do you saw the tiny boat?
Hong-Kong (17)

Yea. We reached Hong Kong Airport. The weather is cold and windy! But I like this kind of weather ~
Hong-Kong (24)

Let’s take a photo at Hong Kong Airport first ^^
Hong-Kong (73)

From Airport, we took MTR (地铁) to Hong Kong station. Just show you Hong Kong MTR system map so that you can have a clear picture about the journey. You can click here to view larger map.

Inside the train, there was a big LCD screen showing which station you reached. We reached Kowloon station now.
Hong-Kong (25)

You can see this inside the train as well.
Hong-Kong (26)

We reached our hotel.
Hong-Kong (27)
The Central Park Hotel 中环丽柏酒店
Website :

Our room. The design is nice because The Central Park Hotel was a boutique hotel.
Hong-Kong (28)

TV area
Hong-Kong (29)

Toilet. Yo, the toilet is 80% transparent one, okie~! So paiseh when taking bath! But slowly slowly get used to it la~ Of course only get used to my roomate har ~
Hong-Kong (30)

Hong Kong is a busy city. Full of cars and people.
Hong-Kong (31)

Total 7 of us.
Hong-Kong (33)

We just walk around places near by our hotel! I stopped here to take a photo. Did you see the staircase behind me? Look familiar right? I always saw this kind of staircase in Hong Kong movie/drama series!
Hong-Kong (34)

Hollywood Road 荷利活道
Hong-Kong (35)

We walked until Central 中环
Hong-Kong (36)

Fenny took photo with these cute stuffs.
Hong-Kong (37)

Hong-Kong (38)

All Pinky pinky stuffs.
Hong-Kong (39)

Aiyo, so big oh. Malaysia and Singapore just small only.
Hong-Kong (40)

Havent ready lar ~ I always saw this building inside the Hong Kong movie/drama – Polica Station. By the way, the photo so dark hor! Cant see anything at all. Aiks, bohbian lei…The only photo I have.
Hong-Kong (41)

Wah, what is that! Looked so scary ~ Er… But Weini’s expression looked so happy to see this.
Hong-Kong (42)

We were going to reach Lam Kwai Fong 兰桂坊 already, that’s why you can see alot of cabs.
Hong-Kong (43)

See photo below, the Lam Kwai Fong was so crowded lei~ Alot people like to have a drink here especially Hong Kong actor/actress. But we didnt met any lar.
Hong-Kong (44)

Not only Lam Kwai Fong so happening at night, places near by Law Kwai Fong also full of people.
Hong-Kong (45)

This building was so old! Got so much feel I was inside the Hong Kong movie/drama I watched always ^^
Hong-Kong (46)

Weini, me and LiShya. We were taking photo at Law Kwai Fong.
Hong-Kong (47)

Weini! She was a very easy going and kind person. Everything she will just say “Cincai la”~
Hong-Kong (48)

Central has a lot of branded shop. Fenny purposely want to take this photo because of the handsome guy inside the poster.
Hong-Kong (75)

Hihi~ We at Hong Kong now!
Hong-Kong (76)

A very nice perspective photo.
Hong-Kong (77)

Fenny ^^
Hong-Kong (51)

Actually where we want to go ar? I also forgot already.
Hong-Kong (52)

The tallest building in Hong Kong – IFC ( International Finance Centre )
Hong-Kong (78)

[Source]Hong Kong is an international financial centre that has 106 buildings that stand taller than 180 metres (591 ft). The tallest building in Hong Kong is the 88-storey Two International Finance Centre, which was built in 2003 and stands 415 metres (1,362 ft) tall. You can find the tallest building from photo below. Hong Kong night view amazing right?

Actually I was not focusing to LiShya :P but the police :D
Hong-Kong (54)

Fenny ^^
Hong-Kong (55)

Back to hotel! Self potrait first ^^
Hong-Kong (56)

This is my roomate la ~ Joanne from Philipines.
Hong-Kong (57)

Due to our hardwork! Our lady boss brought us to The Peak 山顶, a famous place to see Hong Kong night view.
Hong-Kong (58)

Our plan A – take tram go up The Peak. But too long queue so we just changed to plan B – took cab.
Hong-Kong (79)

We have our dinner at The Peak Restaurant. Cool! A big thank you to our BOSS :)
Hong-Kong (80)

太平山..Wahsei, what happen to my eye?
Hong-Kong (60)

Okie, a charming Hong Kong night view which taken by Sony Ericson G19. Got this kind of quality not bad liao.
Hong-Kong (61)

Hehe~ Show you better quality photo la! Photo was taken by Joanne!
Hong-Kong (81)

Nice right?
Hong-Kong (83)

I love Hong Kong night view so much :)
Hong-Kong (84)

Taking photo with “Dai Ga Jie” them. From left – PTeng, Me, Cheng-I and Li Shya
Hong-Kong (82)

Fenn Fenn and Jo Jo. Both of them are very young but tough! Especially Fenn Fenn. She was the youngest among us. But her energy was the strongest one. She can work continuos day and night!Keng ~
Hong-Kong (62)

Next day morning, our lady boss treated us Dim Sum! Hong Kong popular with Dim Sum oh.
Hong-Kong (64)

Big Lobster!
Hong-Kong (65)

I think Weini got the potential to be a model.
Hong-Kong (63)

Possession Point 水坑口. The road name so funny lei ^^.
Hong-Kong (66)

After our dim sum breakfast, we continued to work at hotel balcony area.
Hong-Kong (67)

Yea! This is a very nice place to work. Today only first week we at Hong Kong, still got one more week to go =.=”’. Let’s continue the story in Hong Kong Business Trip Part 2 (Feb)
Hong-Kong (68)

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