ShareTweet TOTO next Jackpot will be $3,000,000est. $_$ !!! It was alot !!! So, dont miss the chance. The sales will be closed at 6 pm, 10 Jun 2010. Remember to grab one for yourself. Maybe you are One of the “Lucky Star” that day! Hehe ~

ShareTweet Our Winter Cloths… Our Cloths… Almost done… Yeah! We are ready !! Melbourne ~ we are coming * My new backpack Vaude brand. Size – Tour 40 which cost $139.90. We bought this bag during BHG sales.  To know more info about Vaude, you may visit to their website.

ShareTweet Finally I was able to take out some time to write about my first house. I bought my first house since 2006. The apartment called “Sri Pinang Apartment” . It located at Taman Wawasan, Pusat Bandar Puchong. The reasons I bought this house are : 1) Previously stayed by my brother. So, no worry to buy from him [...]

ShareTweet 你是否觉曾经觉得有时候你正是自己最大的敌人? 我们都有这种经验, 不论做什么事,  如果往往不能如预期所愿,事情有了差错,  我们也只好责怪自己. 但是,正如[ 你会是自己最大的敌人], 你也可能成为最好的朋友. 当你了解, 世间唯一能左右你成败的人, 就是你自己, 那么你就能[化敌为友], 当自己就好的朋友. 当你有了足够的成熟度和良好的性格,就能接纳自己是个怎么样的人, 并采取行动成为自己所希望的那种人, 你就会发现你[最好的朋友]. 分析自己的目标, 开始培养自己的力量, 并弥补不足之处,当你这么做,你就会了解, 支持你迈向成功之路的人, 就是你自己. 书名:365 个快速成功法 (Napolean hill’s positive active plan) 作者:拿破仑.希尔

ShareTweet This celebration was not happened recently ya.. It was happened last year 13th June 2009! Hehe ^^ .I just want to note down my memory at my blog My friend was registering. He got 1 invitation card which got 2 free ticket + purchase additional 4 ticket with S$8 for each. The actual admission [...]

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