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This story happened last Sunday… There was a conversation between me and my friend :)

Me : Wear so pretty ~ Later go where “walk walk”?
X : Oh, we want to go Crocodile warehouse sale… heard people said that you can get a cheap Crocodile shirt from the warehouse sale!
Me : Really? I want follow too!

How to go Crocodile House?
1. Stopped by Paya Lebar MRT station
2. From Paya Lebar MRT station. Walk across the road and you will see a bus stop. Wait for bus no.
3. Stop at station “LE CRESCENDO”. Before this stop, you will see Crocodile house at your right hand side.
4. Then cross the road, just 2 mins walking distance, you will reach Crocodile House.

When we reached the building, we saw the banner showed
“Crocodile Warehouse Sale 15 to 31 January 2010 Time: 4pm – 9pm (Weekday) 1pm – 9pm (Weekend)” Oh No ~ we missed the date!

Er…how come inside the building seem like got sales! Oh, we were so luckily because they has extended the sales that till 12th February! So from today, you still have 2 more days to grab for it! Er..for those if missed this warehouse sale dont feel upset ya. I heard that the crocodile warehouse sales will be held once a year. Next year, we will go there earlier the time we came is abit late, just left a few pattern and most of them were OUT of STOCK.

However, we still felt satisfied because my hubby and I able to grab 4 Crocodile POLO Tshirt for our fatherS! We hope that our dearest fatherS will like it :) and feel confortable on wearing this!

Just share with you something about Crocodile Shirt ~

My friend told me that those T-shirt with WHITE GOLD CROCODILE logo original price is very expensive. It costs around $148.90 for each. In Malaysia, the price costs around RM300++. But in this warehouse sales, it only sold $49 / $73 for each ! Besides whitecold crocodile, there were also other selections like T-shirt with green crocodile logo which cost around $29 for each.

Okie ~ Just show you some examples : Polo T-shirt with Whitegold Crocodile logo – $49 (last year stock).
Crocodile Warehouse Sales

Polo T-shirt with Whitegold Crocodile logo – $73 ( This year stock).
Crocodile Warehouse Sale

How the whitegold crocodile look like???
Crocodile Warehouse Sales

Crocodile House
Location: 3 Ubi Ave 3, Crocodile House, 408857 Singapore
Tel : 65-67413822

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