ShareTweet To know more about fresh graduate’s pay in Malaysia, click here. After viewing on this entry salary for fresh graduate. Do you feel you are under pay or you are one of them Congrate to you if you are one of them; Dont feel upset or give up if you are not, you will [...]




ShareTweet 有时候在高处往下去 心里都会想 “难道这世界那么大,都不能够容纳一个这么渺小的我吗?” “看来应该是自己的思想太阔了,所以才找不到空间” 想必大家都有一样的想法,都希望可以把重重的包袱放下 然后休息一下。。。 去外面走走,看看世界 可是很多时候大家应该是 “人在江湖,生不由己” 所有都会 cancel 这个念头吧 :) 你是不是其中之一呢! 请你告诉我,可以选择放下吗?

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