ShareTweet I just received an email from Nuffang. They will give away “Alice in Wonderland” Movie tickets. What’s the method to get these free tickets? Read below! Before you read and you wish to join this contest, first of all please register a Nuffang account at Else you are not allowed to take part [...]

ShareTweet 今天阅读了 “大马佛教大学” Dharma Buddhist U 的一本书 《法法清凉》,其中一段故事,很有意思,所以在这和大家分享 :) 有位失业的女士正在填写一份求职申请表,填到年龄一栏时,犹豫良久,迟迟无法下笔,最后,人事经理只好低声说:“太太,你等得越久,就越没有机会!” 等待并不能使你有进步,等待并不能使你更有能力,等待并不能使你有更多的收获,别再等待了!走吧!立刻行动。。

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