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Almost 1 month didnt update my blog because I have been to Europe for 25 days! Now, is time to continue blogging ^^ especially my Taiwan trip! Hehe :P

Let’s continue from my previous post

After we finished our ‘brunch’, we went to Tai Chung TungHai University (东海大学) to visit the Luce Memorial Chapel (路思义教堂). If not mistaken, we took Taichung bus 88 from Tai Chung main station and stopped at  TungHai Villa (东海别墅).

On the way to bus station and passed by lots of sakura trees.

When we got off from the bus, we walked to University. We saw alot motorbikes…O..the University just at our right hand side.

Tunghai University Campus Map. The red circle is Luce Chapel.

This University is full of trees…

Finaly we saw Luce Chapel!

Hows inside looked like?

Me and hubby @ Luce Chapel!

Garden restaurant.

Garden inside the University.

Main entrance of Tunghai University! 

After visiting the Tunghai University, we went to Tai Chung Chun Shui Tang tea house ( 春水堂) where bubble tea was inverted. There were so many branches in Taiwan. The one we went to was located at 精明一街.

春水堂 台中大墩店 [精明一街]

平日:早上8:30 – 晚上 23:30
周五 / 六:早上8:30 – 晚上 24:30

If I told you we came here just because of the iced bubble tea (珍珠奶茶)! U think we crazy bo!!! Haha :P   To be continued


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