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To know how to register for marriage in Thean Hou Gong? 

STEP 1 =>  Submit Application Form (提呈申请)

The couple must present in person and bring along the following documents:
1.1 Original and 1 photocopy of Identity Card (I.C.) (A4 size, not to be cut).
1.2 Original and 1 photocopy of Birth Certificate. (A4 size, not to be cut)
1.3 One passport-size coloured photographs each. (Instant Photos are unacceptable)
1.4 Photocopy of 2 witnesses’ I.C., 1 copy each (A4 size, not to be cut)
1.5 For widower/widow, spouse’s original and 1 photocopy of Death Certificate must be produced. For divorcee,
original and 1 photocopy of Marriage Cancellation Certificate issued by JPN must be produced.
2. Witnesses must be Malaysian Citizen above 21years old. They are not required to be present during the
submission of application.

Time for Submission of Application:
Monday to Saturday : 9:00AM – 5:00PM
Sunday / Public Holiday : Closed

Step 2 => Statutory Declaration ( 宣誓)
After filling the application form, the couple shall make a Statutory Declaration with any of Commissioner for
Oaths. All expenses relating to the oath declaration are out of concern with Marriage Registration

The Commissioner for Oaths we went to is just inside the Thean Hou Temple. We paid for RM33 for the fees of Commissioner for Oaths/processing fees and drafting of documents.

Step 3 => Submission
1. Registration date shall be fixed at least 21 days after the date of submission but must not exceeding 2
months subject to date available.
2. Fees are payable upon submission. Fee collected is not refundable.
3. Please notify the officers 3 days before the date of registration if there is request for a date change. The application
will be declared invalid as if a couple fails to turn up to register within 6 months after the date of submission.
Couples who intend to register must re-apply and re-do all the payments.

Step 4 => Verification
1. All completed application form and documents submitted by the applicant shall be verified by the Jabatan
Pendaftaran Negara (JPN) before the Registration of Marriage could be carried out.
2. Marriage Registration ONLY could be solemnized subject to Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara’s (JPN) approval.

1. The couple and the 2 witnesses must be present and bring along the following documents:-
1.1 The couple’s original Identity Cards.
1.2 The couple’s original Birth Certificates.
1.3 Two witnesses original Identity Cards.
1.4 Other documents: Original copy of Father’s/Spouse Death Certificate or Marriage Cancellation Certificate
issued by JPN.
2. A ttire on the Day of Registration: The bridegroom must wear shirt with necktie. The bride and witnesses must dress
neatly or formally. T-shirt, jeans, short pants and slippers are not allowed.
3. T ime of registration: As set by our Marriage Registration Department.
4. Do not bring along children and switch off hand phones to avoid disturbances during the registration.
5. The couple and the witnesses are allowed to bring in their own cameras, flowers or rings during the ceremony.
6. The marriage ceremony is completed once the couple received their Marriage Certificates.

Time for Registration of Marriage:
Tuesday to Saturday : As set by the Marriage Registration Department
Sunday / Public Holiday : Closed
* p/s : The step above I get it from Thean Hou Gong website. For more information, please visit to

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26 Responses to “How to register for marriage in Thean Hou Gong”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Hi….wanna find out how long will be taken for the whole process?

  2. QiQi Says:

    Hi Michelle,

    Do u mean the register actual day whole process? It took half day 3- 4 hrs (morning) as that day is TanLung day, so abit long q. I guess normal day the process will just take 1-2 hrs

  3. Purple Says:

    Hi, may I know if I were to get my ROM done on mid of Aug, and I will only start to submit form end of this week, izzit too short of period or

  4. Purple Says:

    Or it still possible to get it done on time? It’s just 2 weeks plus ahead only.

  5. QiQi Says:

    Hope so I am not late to send you this info..U can refer to the rules here or call 0322737682 to enquiry. Last time we hv to submit 2 mths before as the date we choose is tang lung day, so seat limited ;)

  6. Liz Yap Says:

    How are you? I would like to drop a message regarding if married to a foreigner man (New Zealander), what are the documents he has to prepare and ready for the marriage registration take place in Tian Hou Gong?

    Thanks for your reply.

  7. QiQi Says:

    Hi, not really sure about this, but u can call 0322737682 for enquiry :)

  8. alicia Says:

    I would like to register on 12/12/12, if the date still available.

    Thank you

  9. Vivian Says:

    Adhere, i would like to know if my boyfriend is foreigner from Myanmar (Buddha) and i is Malaysian. May i register married at here?? Or we must go to imigresen there for registration??

  10. Amanda Says:

    hi, would like to inquire if me & my boyfriend wish to resister in KL, but my IC stated address is in Ipoh & my boyfriend stated address is in KL. Do I need to change my IC address to KL address before submitting the application form? Tks.

  11. QiQi Says:

    Hi Amanda, if register under tien hou gong then not need change, if register under government then need to change else u need to go back Ipoh to submit the document

  12. Sidney Says:

    When I need to submit the form and where to submit?

    I will register on 01 March 2014

  13. QiQi Says:


    I think 1 month before need to submit form if not mistsaken… submit form at Thean Hou Gong :)

  14. Aaron Says:

    Hi, can I specifically choose the day of my registration? It’s most convenient for me to do it on a weekend. What’s the operating hours for Thean Hou Gong on Saturdays?

  15. Jenny Says:

    Hi. May I know. Can I register on public holiday? Liked 31st August 2014.

  16. Chong Says:

    i’m from Ipoh, my girlfriend is from Seremban, we wish to register marriage in Thean Hou Gong, do we both need to change our IC address? Can we register in Thean Hou Gong?

  17. QiQi Says:

    I think can as both of us also from different state :D

  18. QiQi Says:

    Hi, think public holiday not available. You may call and confirm~

  19. QiQi Says:

    Yes. You can choose the date you want. Hmm..think should be 9 am to 5 pm. You may call them to have a check.

  20. Leela Says:

    Hi, would like to check whether your allow hindu to register marriage at Thean Hou Gong ?
    and due to time constraint we wish to have register marriage by this month of which will only submitted the application form on next week provided your allow us to do so.

    Awaiting for your prompt reply. Thanks

  21. QiQi Says:


    sorry for late reply
    I think hindu is allowed too..
    better call to check..

  22. Lee Says:

    Is it necessary for the Birth Certificate?

  23. QiQi Says:

    hi sorry for the late reply. I think birth cert is required.

  24. Billy Says:


    I would like to check in Step 1 application form cab be obtained at Thean Hou Gong? I read somewhere application form must be obtained at JPN, fill it up then only bring to a ROM center like Thean Hou Gong.

    Please advise.

    Thank you- Billy.

  25. QiQi Says:

    Sorry for super late reply……Hope it was not too late. If not remember wrongly register first then sumpah…

  26. QiQi Says:

    so sorry that i was away from my blog for so long. I think you already get the answers :P if you know mind to share here?

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