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My friend has brought us to Laksa Steamboat Seafood Restaurant (叻沙火窝海鲜餐馆) which located at Telok Blangah Road. First time I heard about laksa steamboat. At first I thought it was Penang style Laksa …Opps, I was wrong! In Singapore, Laksa mean Katong Laksa.

Laksa Steamboat Seafood Restaurant
404 Telok Blangah Road
Singapore 098840
Tel: 62757069

Decoration of Laksa Steamboat Seafood Restaurant.

Yee and Albert.

Again. Hehe ^^

Me and Hubby. Opps, I looked fat x_X.

Just testing capture Close Up photo.

Me and Yee.

This is not a buffet style steamboat but ala carte. The food was really fresh especially the prawn, meat, fish and etc.

See, Yummy and Delicious.

Look so handsome after the new hair cut :P

“Tao Fu Pok”

A nice lamp.

A bowl of Katong Laksa Noodle :)

Our group photo.

Last but not least, a Sakura Flavour Kit Kat from Yee after she back from her Japan trip.

The packaging so nice.

Deng Deng! The kit kat was green in color and its taste differently! Yum Yum :P Thanks Yee!

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