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Let’s visit to our house at Setia Eco Gardens!

24 hours security guard (1st level).

Reached Casea Garden.

Another security guard before entering to our garden.

Dang Dang…How’s the outcome of the grill? Still ok right? Luckily the color and pattern still match with our house.

Our Grill sliding door!

We chose “Wave pattern”  for our grill sliding door and main door design.

Living Hall, Got light and Fan lar :) Can stay already ^^

Dry Kitchen Area.

Solid wood for the cabinet part.

Our contractor’s work not bad right?

Solid surface on top.

Wet Kitchen Area.

Staircase to upstair.

1st medium room attached with a bath room.

2nd medium room attached with a bath room.

Master Room.

Euro Uno brand water heater at master room.

Master room’s toilet.

A small free gift from our contractor.

Our contractor – Mr Ong Chin Lim (+6017-7121235) 
Our house agent – Mr Alex (+60167653353)

After renovation, I wish so much we can stay our new house. But due to some reasons, we decided to rent out whole Finally our house was successfully rented out too ^^. I wish to thank to my hubby on preparing & doing all the things for our new house. Thanks for his patient and tolerance throughout this few months ^^.

* If you wish to view more details about the renovation price and details, please refer to my previous post.

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39 Responses to “We ♥ our Johor Eco Garden Double Storey House (SOLD)”

  1. Hira Says:


    Great photos and great information.
    How much did you rent out your place? Any comments ;about the house agent? good or bad?

  2. QiQi Says:

    House agent was nice and helpful. You may consider him if you want to rent out your property.

  3. Lala Says:

    How about the workmanship of your house contractor?. Very satisfied of so so la.

  4. QiQi Says:

    I quite satisfied on his workmanship. Besides that, our contractor always picked us from Bukit Indah Jusco to Eco Garden as we did not have transport:P So, his service is great lo :) Then, the most important thing when finding a contractor is the “Responsibility”! Mean after the renovation if found any problem.They should follow up and solve for you :)

  5. Lala Says:

    Ok, pls give your contractor hp no, company name and what is reno done by this contractor?. Thanks a lot.

  6. QiQi Says:

    Mr Ong – +60177121235 from Advance Interior. So far, he only did grill door/window, dry kitchen table top, wet kitchen table top, electrical installation for us, that’s why we didnt see much problems. His finished working is good but maybe pricy abit. We chose him among 3 different groups of contractors as we have transport and time problem. As my suggestion, if possible, you look for a few contractors and compare yourself before making final decision :)

  7. Lala Says:

    Tq so much QiQi.

  8. xiao qiang Says:


    Do you guys own property in SG ? Wanted to buy a house in JB also. How is the rental market in JB ? Can fetch good rental for a house like yours ?


  9. QiQi Says:

    Hi ~ We do not own any property in sg :) Actually we not really sure hows the rental market in JB. Some quite ok but some very low. So far, our area quite new, so the rental is only around RM1k to RM1.5k depend on your house furnishing ^^ So, you own any property in sg? Malaysian?

  10. xiao qiang Says:

    Thanks QiQi. Yes, i am a malaysian. I just bot a flat in SG this year. Rental of 1k – 1.5k quite ok.

  11. QiQi Says:

    You are welcome :) At 1st we planned to buy flat at sg but too bad the new rules implemented >< !!So, you bought b4 or after the new rules~ If b4, then u are lucky ^^ can still buy property oversea :D

  12. Hira Says:

    I am singaporean. bought Araskia. friend recommend. wanted to buy visellia but buy Araskia instead bcoz of timing.
    I just attended the owners briefing. Sp setia say can collect keys in Jan 2011. I not aure if I want to stay there or rent out.
    I got some troubles at home so most likely my sg home will be forced to sell. but that means i wont be able to buy a sg house.
    This new rules have made it even more difficult for me.

  13. xiao qiang Says:

    haha….i bot before the new rules. But need to save money to buy….loan interest is quite high. i saw some referal reward on SETIA website…you guys used this reward to offset the 10% downpayment right ?

  14. QiQi Says:

    Hi Hira, welcome abroad to be part of Eco Garden’s resident :) I believe you will start busy about your house in yr 2011 & alot tough decision need to be made in order to proceed your next step. We also passed through a tough period past few mths but dont worry be happy, everything can be solved one day just like us ^^ So, I wish you all the best n good luck~

  15. QiQi Says:

    Hi XQ, SP Setia always has different promotions one. You can call (607) 555 2525 to check out the latest promotion :D During the time I bought the house, I got 25k offset of my 10% downpayment. Meanwhile, there is a referral program too. Means that if you friend also bought a house from SP Setia be my referal. Both of us can get a 3k discount :) So, after offset everything, I still need to pay 4.3k ^^ Recently I just received a sms from SP Setia too..sms as following : “Enjoy additional rebate up to RM10k on 19 Dec 10 @Setia Eco Gardens. Amazing Ice carving, horse carriage, Santa Clause ..& Mystery gifts awaits u. T & C apply” Hope that you can get your ideal dream house soon!

  16. rin Says:

    hi, im seeking to rent a house in ECO gardens, please call me at 017-4782775 should anyone keen to rent their house to me. thanks a million =)

  17. Xiao Qiang Says:

    Sorry QiQi…just to ask, how much you rented out your unit ? Is it through agent ? I just dropped by Setia Eco Garden today to find out more info but was told that Setia Eco Garden may not be good for investment.

  18. QiQi Says:

    Hi Xiao Qiang, please refer to my previous comments about the rental and agents:). About your question in good to invest, it was quite hard to answer u ^^ cause Eco Garden is still a new development. So, alot things still under development. Not much facilities yet. Mayb wait for few yrs later. You may see the result :) By the way, the main purpose I bought Eco Garden house is not for investment but for living. I love the environment there compare to Bukit Indah. If you really wish to invest, you may consider Bukit Indah. But the house price seem like expensive now. In conclusion, so far I felt that buying house at Eco Garden still my right choice as I found that the rental there not bad and I believe the price will increase few years later…Is good to buy a landed property since you young!

  19. Xiao Qiang Says:

    Hi QiQi…thanks. Are you renting out the unit now and then move in to stay later ? Haha…yes, its good to own a landed property when you are young ^-^ but i already have commitment in SG and i definitely need to rent the place out if i bot one. I am not looking at high rental but at least offload me to a certain percentage from the point of monthly installment. I like Eco garden as well, greeny and organised (as of now). Yeah, the basic infrastructure still not fully in placed yet…need to travel quite a distance to buy grocery or for food…nice talking to you :)

  20. QiQi Says:

    No problem :D Glad to share infos with everyone here!

  21. stanley Says:

    I was wondering if you did any painting work for the house?
    If so, how much did you paid for it? Thanks.

  22. QiQi Says:

    Hihi, i did not do any painting work for the house :)

  23. Linda Says:

    Plsmadvise if this umitmis still available. Price? Double story 1 half or 2 storey..thank u..

  24. QiQi Says:

    Currently the unit was not available. Sorry ~

  25. Wai Says:

    Hi QiQi,
    Would like to know how long the renovation took? For the grills and wet,dry kitchen? How do you pay the contractor? Lump sum or phase by phase? By cash or credit card? Thank you.

  26. QiQi Says:

    Hihi…Our renovation took around 2 months..We pay a deposit then phase by phase. Last payment is paid after evything is completed, verified :) Paid by cash.

  27. Wai Says:

    Hi QiQi,
    Thank you very much for your info.

  28. Mellissa Says:

    Hi QiQi

    I book a unit at Setia Eco Garden.. Was wondering if i can get u to be my referral but only if u are okay with it.. can drop me an email for reply.. Thank you

  29. QiQi Says:

    Hi Melissa, I hv replied ur email.

  30. Ling Says:

    Hi..I’ve bought a unit in Avatha 2.. really like the environment there ^^
    just concern bout the electricity port there.. any comment?

  31. QiQi Says:

    Hi, nice to hear that! Sure you ll enjoy staying there.
    According to electric port, I believe shldn’t be an issue as sp setia is quite a well known developer. Before they develop this land, i think they already take this into consideration n make sure this area will safe from the electric port.

  32. Sling Says:

    Hi, I would like to book for Avatha as well. The electricity port is my concern. Also, the road towards setia eco garden is a bit isolated, especially when you’re driving at night. Is the place convenient for those working in Singapore but would like to stay in JB? appreciate your comments.

  33. QiQi Says:

    Er.. My tenant is Singaporean o… Somemore lots Residence there work in sg stay there, they jz travel everyday..but must hv transport la. By bus then not convenience d.

  34. Ling Says:

    Hi all, I would like to let go my unit booked in setia eco garden Avatha 2.. Due to some personal issue. It’s an international lot. Facing east (morning sun) As per what I know, all the units are fully booked by now even for Bumi lot. If there’s anyone keen on Avatha 2 pls feel free to email me @

  35. James Says:

    Hi QiQi, thanks for sharing =) you have a nice house.
    May I know how much your renovation cost?

  36. QiQi Says:

    Hi James, cost around rm14k for everything. Thanks ;)

  37. CT Says:

    I saw a new & big bus terminal near the Setia Eco Garden there. Hopefully CW3 will change from Gelang Patah terminal to there.

  38. Son Says:

    Hi QiQi,

    Thank you for sharing – very informative. I just booked a unit at Setia Eco Garden – we like the environment & the design. I’d like to check whether I can get u to be my referral – can kindly drop me an email? Best regards.

  39. QiQi Says:

    Hi Son,

    Sorry for late reply, btw has dropped you an email. Thanks ~

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