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You may wish to read Day 3 before start reading this post…
Start from this post, some of the photos below were contributed by my brothers and sister. No matter what camera we used was not important. The most important, we able to capture all the happy moments and stored it here :) Let’s continue my day4! You can fast forward it if you felt bored. Because all the photos just about Snow Snow Snow!
It was not 6pm, but 6am! We woke up so early is to see the sun rise!
While waiting for the sun rise, we just walked around and took picture.

Then, we went back to the clock tower area. It was 4°C!
We are super cold.
My brother and sister-in-law with the beautiful sky.
Just 10 mins,the temperature was increase by 1 degree. My fingers and nails were numb with cold.
Lovely sky.
When the sun rise?
This was another part of Mount Buller village. Alot resorts and chalets were located here.
We saw this motorbike. Cool~ My sister looked so “Bergaya”!
Yea… Let’s go :P But too bad we didnt have key! Hehe.
A very nice view behind us.
Wait for quite sometime, finally dawn. But too bad we cant see the sun rise. Just saw little shining behind the mountain. The mountain has blocked the sun.
Nice view right? Wish to stay there?
Me and sister-in-law.
Mount Buller :)
Around 7 am, we back to our resort.
Whose ski board? Hehe, borrow a while :P
O..Brother was taking photo for his wife.
Opps. They had wake up! How come they were still so enegetic after 3 days journey.
Waiting for breakfast.
Breakfast time.
Kai Bin.
Yu Ming.
Dont know what’s Amber laughing for?
Yu Ming : “Hey, You dont touch my head!”
Amber : “Wacha~”
Yu Ming : “See, this is the evidence that Amber bully me”
View #1 from dining hall.
View #2 from dining hall.
View #3 from dining hall.
View #4 from dining hall.
After breakfast, we went out for photo shooting. Me and my lovely mummy.
Amber Lim
Mama & I.
We went behind the resort.
We walked further…
and further…
Stop. Took a photo first.
We continue walked and then, we saw this nice view.
The chairlift will bring you explore the mountain.
I wonder why the others mountain wasnt like Mount Buller full of snow??? Just a close distance only oh! Weird~
Hey~ Camera man, come over here. We were ready!
Yea ~
Love this group photos.
Everyone get ready.
Then, my brother-in-law also get ready himself. So good pose of him.
Then, 1,2,3 Smile! Nice photo!
My hubby took this photo from side.
We have so much fun on taking photos!
What you feel on this photo?
My sister and brother-in-law.
I love this photo because this is the first time my hubby carry me to take photo.
There were so romantic ho?
We just sat on the snow. That’s why we rent the water proof pants.
My brother was going to pull Amber back to the resort.
Love the smiles of everyone in this photo.
My mama laugh till cant see her eye.
1,2,3 Let’s go! Amber has a great papa!
After a while, Amber was shouting Stop Stop!
She preferred to walk.
Haha. Back to our resort. My mom felt cold and wanted to go inside the house. Before that, she asked us to help her take a photo first. She liked the view behind.
Hehe. Bergaya-nya~
So lovely.
After that, we went to another area for sight-seeing. This is the place skiier will take the chairlift till the top.
Then, they will ski from the top till here.
Some beginner just ski around here.
Photo session around this area.
Snow man almost done.
After wearing the scarf & ear cap. The snow man was cute right?
They felt so satisfied on making this snow man.
Group photo with snow man!
Family photo.
Another Family photo.
Yea. Finally we made it!
Me & snow man.
We were so happy too! But happy moment always flies very fast. We were checking out soon and going to say Bye Bye to Mount Buller! We will back again!
If you travel to Mount Buller and wish to find a place to stay. I would like to recommend you Southern Cross Ski Club! It was a nice resort. You can contact manager Kerris +610438164355 & Josh +610407716635 if you want to make any enquiries or booking.
After checking out, we waited for the shuttle bus.
Amber’s mama was applying the lip ice on Amber’s lip so that wont her lip wont feel so dry.
After 1 hour, we reached the Alzburg Resort to return all the rented stuffs and then continue our day 4 part II journey!

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