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On last Sunday, 26 September 2010, my birthday eve.. me and my friends went to Ishi Mura Japanese Foodstreet at City Square Mall.  We took MRT to Farrer Park Station. We reached there around 6 pm.

OMG. Super long queue! I was shocked when saw this long Q.
Looked, the  queue like no ending. The reason of this long queue is because Ishi Mura was having the newly opening promotion which only need to pay $12nett per person for the Japanese delight and shabu shabu buffet. Normal price is $18.90 if not mistaken. We so worried that the seats were fully been taken. Luckily, untill our turn, the seat was still available but need to split into different tables. Dont care la, we were so hungry. So, dont want wait for the big table.  

Oh yea~ There were plenty type of sushi!
Yoo~ I can eat as much as I can! Yummyyyy!
Besides sushi, Ishi Mura served teppanyaki chicken, fried squid and etc.
Besides Japanese food, there were also various type of fish ball for steamboat!
Prawn, chicken, pork belly for shabu shabu!
Various type of vegetables, mushroom and corn!
Yong Tau Fu!

We felt so satisfied for this time buffet. We pay for only $12 for so many foods~ no tax and no service charge~ worth worth!
My friends which sat at different tables.
Jaynee and me.
Hehe. My hubby.
Environment of Ishi Mura. Very crowded that day.
Oh yea. My second birthday cake! Mango flavour mousse cake from Season!

Happy birthday to myself again!

Thanks everyone for the lovely cake and dinner treat!!

They were singing birthday song for me ^^ 10 Q 10 Q
Hehe..very happy!~
Make a wish first.
Yea…Let’s cut the cake. Hehe. Older 1 year old…Jia lat~!!
If you wish to visit to Ishi Mura, click here to view the map.
Ishi Mura Japanese Food Street
City Square Mall
180, Kitchener Road,
#05-02/06, Singapore 208539

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