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Do you heard about Pulau Ubin (乌敏岛) before? Pulau Ubin is “the last and only one village/kampung” in Singapore! It is an offshore island off the eastern side of Singapore. It has one of the most luzurious wildlife habitat, ranging from the rainforest to sqmps. the most common activities are cycling, trekking or just pure exploration.

The adminission to Pulau Ubin is free and it opens for visitor for whole day! Before you go, remember bring things such as small back pack, extra clothes, cap, sun block, sunglassess, drinking water, insect repellent, plaster, camera, umbrella! The most important thing, apply alot SUN BLOCK! It was so hot there ! Unless you able to reach there early in the morning. When we reached there..already NOON TIME :P Paiseh Paiseh. Let’s go…

How to get to Pulau Ubin? From Tanah Merah MRT Station. Took Bus No.2 or No.29 to Changi Point Ferry Terminal (around 30mins).
Changi Point Ferry Terminal

Changi Point Ferry Terminal (2)

Follow the Pulau Ubin Sign Board..
Pulau Ubin Sign Board

You will see the Pulau Ubin Exit
Pulau Ubin Exit


Then took the bumboat from jetty with a fare SGD2.50 per person and 20mins journey. This boat look old right? Abit scared scared :P Maximum passenger is 12persons. If there are less than 12 persons, you may need to wait a while until enough people. Or, you can pay SGD30 and go straight away.

On the way…..

Inside the bumboat
In Bumboat

We reached Pulau Ubin
Welcome To Pulau Ubin

What activities we can do at Pulau Ubin?? The main activities is CYCLING.Besides cycling, you can also hire “van” which can take up to 12 passengers and SGD2 per person.But we have selected bicycle as our main transport in Pulau Ubin :)

See!so many bicycle for RENT. Just SGD2 for whole day? Actually yes but is for those very old and traditional bicycle..For those normal mountain bike actual rental price is SGD5-6 per bicycle for whole day. For those new condition couple bicycle is SGD12.
Rent Bicycle

 Then we found a couple bicycle which is not the newest one. It costs SGD10 per bicycle. We bargain with the boss because we want to rent 3 couple bicycle. Finally we only successfully to reduce the price to SGD8 :P . Better than nothing :D Dang Dang~ Our couple bicycle
Couple Bicycle (2)

We went to information kiosk to get the free map.
Pulau Ubin Map

The officer told us the most popular place to go in Pulau Ubin is Chek Jawa :D
Visitors experience the splendors of Chek Jawa at any time between 8.30 am to 6pm.
Getting to ther by FOOT-45mins, by CYCLING – 20 mins, by VAN – 10mins.

What so special about Chek Jawa? See the picture below :D
Chek Jawa

Before we started cycling to Chek Jawa..A group picture first :) From left – James & Joey, CY and Jaynee, PS and Me!
group photo

Start our journey…We have to cycle all the ways from A – information Kiosk to B – Chek Jawa!

We saw Jasmine while cycling…Slow down please ..Faster do a snap shot :P

Oh No!!! We are left behind…They are super fast oh :P …Must cycle hard to chase them!!! kakaka

We are lost..because dont know turn left of right :D . Most of people vote right. So just turned right:)
Left or Right 

Opps….wrong direction..we reached end of the road…nvm..jus U-turn!

The places we passed by
Coconut Tree



Reached Chek Jawa – The officer explained to us about Chek Jawa
Visitor Centre

Chek Jawa Map
Chek Jawa Map

Rules in Chek Jawa.
Chek Jawa Rules

21-metre Jejawi Tower
Jejawi Tower

I like this picture :)
Jejawi Tower2

Coastal & Mangrove Boardwalks (1.1km)


Mangrove explaination

Posing~ :P
Love Couple

Jetty (2)

This photo was taken by Joey
Chek Jawa Boardwalk

House No.1
House No1

We having our lunch at House No.1 :P . Dont misunderstood, there is no restaurant in Chek Jawa. The food we brought ourselves :P After lunch, we continued our journey..Actually we are so tired already and we skip some places. We straight away cycles from A to B and C ( the places called Kekek Quarry if not mistaken)
Pulau Ubin Map 2

This is something I found special at Quarry. The lake water is blue color :)

Because we are so tired and the last boat is 5 pm, so we decided to end our journey at 4 pm.. we took the bumboat again and pay again SGD2.50 back to Changi Point Ferry Terminal and took bus 57 back to Bishan and have our dinner there…..When reached home, I quickly do MASK!! Because I already explore under the hot sun for whole day! I will turn into dark and Next week is my ROM big day! How to take nice picture X_X..Luckily, I didnt turn into dark :) Thanks for the mask I think :P

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