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Accident @ Ang Mo Kio Ave 4

BoOM BooM! We quickly went out to see what has happened! Ouuch~ A truck hit on a tree… From 9th floor, quickly zoom in and see
accident at ang mo kio ave 4

5 minutes later, 2 ambulances come…actually seem like not only the truck hit on the tree. Do you see those people also gathered on left hand side there? I doubt there might be happened something too.
accident at ang mo kio ave 4

Beside ambulance cars, there were another 3 fire engine cars reached. Wau ~ seem like quite a serious accident. Tomorrow will check out newspaper! “O-NI-TO-FO”
accident at ang mo kio ave 4

The next day i try to search online about this news, cant find??? er..just find from clubsnap forum – “The driver was speeding. Slammed into the tree cause it was trying to avoid a Old man Jay-walking. Driver suffered minor cuts.”
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2 days after, I found out that the OLD man was dead :( To know more, please refer to the comments below :( Life can begun because of everything but also can end because of everything too!

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3 Responses to “Accident @ Ang Mo Kio Ave 4”

  1. ps Says:

    今天看报纸有读到这篇新闻。。那辆罗里撞到老uncle,再撞上大树。老uncle要到对面的咖啡店买报纸时,越过马路才遇上这起车祸。罗里上有四个人。罗里司机撞上大树后,丢下三个朋友就逃之夭夭了。警方还在寻找窜闯祸的司机。不幸的老uncle被送入院。 希望他没事吧。。

  2. Kobi Says:

    Feel shock when read newspaper on the next day.
    He look stable and awake when he sent into hospital on that day. But unfortunately, he die in hospital after 2 days

    So guys, be careful when crossing road or walking. Although here is a safe place to stay but Not means No Accident.

  3. QiQi Says:

    @_@ Life can be just end like that… Too bad ~

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