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LAST YEAR 1st of May…PS & I visited to Macau & Hong Kong for 5 days 4 nights. Just share with you, what we saw and what we ate! Be prepared to load for alot of photos :)

Macau is a nice country. Macau has divided to 3 areas – Macau City, Coloane Island, and Taipa Island.

Macau has alot of casinos. This is one of the casino in Macau City. If not mistaken, this casino is Sands Macau 金沙娱乐场

Macau City.

WYNN hotel

Er… Hotel ??

Casino Lisboa macau – 葡京娛樂場

A very grand casino.

Let’s see the environment inside.

After that, I took a free shuttle bus to Venetian Macau-澳门威尼斯 from Macau City to Taipa Island.

I reached Venetian Macau.

When you go to Macau, remember must visit to Venetian Macau. It was so beautiful :)

Casino in Venetian Macau.

Did you see the blue sky on the top of ceiling?

So crowded.

Waiting for free shuttle bus to Macau Airport.

Yea, finally I met up with my hubby. He looked so tired after 4-5 hours journey travel from Singapore.

We just went to restaurant nearby to have our lunch.

Deep Fried Bacalhau Cakes.

This restaurant name called Restaurante Jumbo (Little Elephant) – 小飛象

One of the old temple in Macau.

After that, we went back to Casino Lisboa Macau to put our luggage. Then, we took taxi to Guia Fortress, Chapel, Lighthouse & Air-Raid Shelters – 東望洋炮台

Light House

I love to take photo with this building.

BB, Smile Leh~

Can you see the view behind us?

Light house again ^^

You can see Casino Lisboa from here.

See, the guard already not allowed people go in and started to ask everyone go back. This place closed at 6pm. Remember dont come here during evening time.

The church behind us called The Chapel.

Mount Fortress

A reflecting pool by the main fortress building – Museu De Macau (Museum).

View from Mount Fortress.

Finally we reached the most famous building in Macau – Ruins of St. Paul’s – 大三巴牌坊

Macau’s most famous landmarks

This building was so unique, so nice to take photo here! Thus, you can see alot of photos below were repeating the same background just with different poses. Hehe ^^ I just simply love to take photo with this building! You may skip those photos if you felt bored oh :P

Camwhore session

Most of the photo we just camwhore, you know why? Let’s me told you a secret. I forgot bring camera @_@! Blur right? Came to Macau this nice place but didnt bring camera. What’s a waste!

Luckily my hubby’s Sony Ericson phone’s camera still able to produce this quality of photo. I felt still acceptable lar.

We think to have a memory here. Thus, we asked someone to help us take photo.

Haiya, photo like that only looked like travel to Macau ma :D

Today is Labour’s day. Everywhere also full of people.

Started hungry already. We took away Portugese Egg Tarts from Pastelaria Koi Kei – 鉅記手信

The Portugese Egg Tarts in Macau was so delicious! This is how’s the Portugese Egg Tarts looks like. Remember must try Portugese Egg Tarts when you come to Macau!

Senado Square

Love this yellow color building + blue sky.

St. Dominic’s Church

Holy House of Mercy

After that, we walked back to Casino Lisboa.

Night view in Macau also very charming right! Light up everywhere.

See. So colorful~

Then, we went inside Grand Lisboa and visit around.


Grand staircase.

包菜 = “百财广进百业兴旺”.

Gold Dragon Ship.

Then, we took free shuttle bus to Macau Ferry Terminal. Our ferry at 11 pm. It took around 1 hour journey to reach Hong Kong! We didnt stay a night at Macau because most of the hotel price was double or triple up due to today was Holiday.

Besides the places above, you can visit to some other places such as:
1. Nam Van Lake Cybernetic Fountain
2. Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre
3. Kun Iam Ecumenical Centre
4. Lotus Square
5. A-Ma Temple

If you want to check out more places to visit in Macau, you can go to Macau tourism board website.

Photo below was taken on last day of our Hong Kong Trip. We will take flight at Macau Airport to Singapore.

We took our breakfast at Venetian.

We bought few boxes of Egg Tart.

We can even finish one box within few minutes because it was too delicious. I miss the egg tart! Who can take away from Macau for me?


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