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All about Dreams

First thing, I would like to congrate to Shea Teng! She won the first runner-ups(female) and she was entitled RM8888(cant convert to cash) to fulfil her dreams – Getting Braces! Do you know, she was the first person I found who can achieve the dream within a short period. She posted about her dream in her blog on 19 January and her dream come true on 7 February!!! How she make her dream come true???

She has joined a PAST event called Tiger Run. This event was organized to celebrate the coming Tiger year by Nuffang and Tigerbeer. The winners of the Marathon will get their wishes fullfilled by TIGER. RM8,888 worth of dreams for each of the 1st runner ups in male and female category. The grand prize will come in form of RM8,888 worth of dreams + RM1,888 cash prize.

To participate this event:

1) Write a blog post titled – “My Dream in the Year of the Tiger” and share what your dream is with everyone. It can be anything, a trip to Tokyo, an LV bag or even a litter of kittens!
2) Send an email to with your full name and blog permalink and you’re set!

88 lucky Nuffnangers with the most creative and deserving dreams will then be chosen to take part in the Tiger Run!

Should I said “regret” that I didnt participate? Hehe, frankly speaking, no lei because this might be a tough job for me as I am not a Sporty person lor ^^.

However, I still wish to speak out my dreams here!I wish… I wish… I wish… Oh no! I do not have any dream on 2010 but I got a To-Do task which I wan to save as much as money I can in order to fulfill my dreams in 2011. I have so many plans in 2011 :D

To-Do list on year 2011!
1) Wedding photography
2) Wedding Ceremony

1) Honey moon in Somewhere Somewhere like Europe country, Japan, Korea or Taiwan! Of course Europe Tour is my first choice if AFFORDABLE la $_$
2) Have a dream house in SG! *Guess so this one just dream only, it was so difficult to get a house in SG*

I know if want to make my dreamSsS come true is abit impossible. But just a dream what, doesn”t mean you must achieve it :) . Meanwhile, I understand as well “this world do not have free lunch” @ “天下没有免费的午餐”. Thus, I should work harder and blog harder in order to achieve my dreams! Can Nuffang help me to achieve my dreams??? Gambateh!

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