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After celebrating with Chin, we continued second celebration with Joey at Nihon Mura Japanese Restaurant which located near Yio Chu Kang Mrt station :)

Nihon Mura Restaurant’s environment.
Nihon-Mura-Japanese-Restaurant (2)

Bamboo style = Japanese style?
Nihon-Mura-Japanese-Restaurant (3)

My favourite Bean! Just cost $0.99 per plate!
Nihon-Mura-Japanese-Restaurant (4)

All the sushi just cost $0.99 except red color plate which cost $2.99 per plate!
Nihon-Mura-Japanese-Restaurant (5)

33 n Sang look like discussing something very interesting ya !
Nihon-Mura-Japanese-Restaurant (6)

Before we started our meal, let’s took some food photo first. PS’s favourite sushi – Unagi ($0.99)
Nihon-Mura-Japanese-Restaurant (7)

Sushi with ham inside ( $0.99 )
Nihon-Mura-Japanese-Restaurant (8)

Hehe ^^ Dont know what inside this sushi. I just know this one cost $0.99
Nihon-Mura-Japanese-Restaurant (9)

California roll sushi ($0.99)
Nihon-Mura-Japanese-Restaurant (10)

This one I felt “Too sweet” ($0.99).
Nihon-Mura-Japanese-Restaurant (11)

Sushi with Tempura ($0.99)
Nihon-Mura-Japanese-Restaurant (12)

Fei has ordered Scallop Ramen
Nihon-Mura-Japanese-Restaurant (15)

Snapple drinks ~ Nice!
Nihon-Mura-Japanese-Restaurant (16)

Lobster scallop, the only plate which cost me $2.99! But not bad la ~
Nihon-Mura-Japanese-Restaurant (17)

My dear has ordered Unagi set..Let’s see what inside the pot!
Nihon-Mura-Japanese-Restaurant (18)

Er..What face impression is this? Surprise? Excited? Upset? Happy?
Nihon-Mura-Japanese-Restaurant (19)

Dang Dang ~ Can you see what inside the pot?
Nihon-Mura-Japanese-Restaurant (20)

Nothing actually, just Unagi and Onion only. But there is an egg in a bowl, which you can pour inside the pot and wait for a while.
Nihon-Mura-Japanese-Restaurant (21)

Okie, the egg was cooked and my dear can started his meal.!
Nihon-Mura-Japanese-Restaurant (23)

Finally… Dear, satisfied? got yummy and delicious bo?
Nihon-Mura-Japanese-Restaurant (24)

Opps, keep on talking about food! Let’s come back to our main VIP today – Joey
Nihon-Mura-Japanese-Restaurant (22)

Fei and me.
Nihon-Mura-Japanese-Restaurant (26)

James and PS
Nihon-Mura-Japanese-Restaurant (28)

33 and Me
Nihon-Mura-Japanese-Restaurant (27)

33 and Ah Sang
Nihon-Mura-Japanese-Restaurant (30)

Group photos…Sure you will think, how come no celebration???
Nihon-Mura-Japanese-Restaurant (31)

Do you see a paper bag which stated “Secret Recipe”??? We got bring cake lei! But happened one funny thing is, we left out the candles at home ^^ Paiseh.Paiseh :P
Nihon-Mura-Japanese-Restaurant (32)

So, we took a last photo and then go back home celebrate lor!
Nihon-Mura-Japanese-Restaurant (33)

Nihon Mura Main entrance. In mandarin called “Ri Ben Chun – 日本村 ”
Nihon-Mura-Japanese-Restaurant (34)

A sweet couple under a bright moon. Today is Chap Goh Mei. That’s why the moon look so round and bright.
Nihon-Mura-Japanese-Restaurant (36)

They are Double J – Joey & James
Nihon-Mura-Japanese-Restaurant (40)

Alamak! How come got 2 moons?
Nihon-Mura-Japanese-Restaurant (41)

Try again! Still got 2 moons! Can someone tell me please, is it my camera got problem?
Nihon-Mura-Japanese-Restaurant (42)

Try to combine 2 in 1. Aiyo, become a “cacat” moon now x_X
Nihon-Mura-Japanese-Restaurant (43)

We went back home and we started our “Gambling” session. Hehe ^^ Still Chap Goh Mei, mean still Chinese New Year ma, we still have the right to play cards! Let’s “open table” on floor ba ^^
Yio-Chu-Kang (3)

Hehe ^^ Last round last round, faster bet!
Yio-Chu-Kang (4)

Finally, we started “Joey birthday celebration”. A marble cheese cake from Secret Recipe. Thank you so much Fei who brought this cake from Johor.
Yio-Chu-Kang (5)

Want to know our birthday girl how many years old? Count yourself ba :)
Yio-Chu-Kang (7)

Blow cake session!
Yio-Chu-Kang (12)

Happy Birthday to Joey!
Yio-Chu-Kang (13)

Our group photos with serious pose
Yio-Chu-Kang (14)

Then, we just have a fun on 5 continuous shot! Ready? 1, 2, 3….. Go

Pose 1
Yio-Chu-Kang (15)

Pose 2
Yio-Chu-Kang (16)

Pose 3
Yio-Chu-Kang (17)

Pose 4

Pose 5
Yio-Chu-Kang (2)

Fun right? Can you spot the differences within these 5 photos? But do you notice that 3 guys – ps, cy, fei , from photo pose 1 to pose 5, no change at all. Aiyo, people said 5 poses, you guy contribute one pose nia…bo ngam la like that ^^

A special 7 up which I never see before! In mandarin called “QI Xi 七喜” oh! That mean 7 happiness :D


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