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After we had fun for whole day, we felt so hungry. Thus, we went back to our resort for dinner.
Wood were placed in the stove to warm up the room.
While waiting for dinner , my hubby went to play snooker.

While Jia Xuan ate instant noodle first because too hungry.
What we had for our dinner? Garlic Bread.
Spagetti sauce.
Healthy vege.
Let’s start our dinner. Suddenly we heard firework sound. Thus, we quickly went outside. Ooo.. Fireworks!!!
If we were closer, the feeling should be different
Quite nice lei..Too bad we were not there.
So many garlic bread at the same time?
Amber enjoyed her food so much. I guess she was too hungry already.
Sister and brother-in-law.
After our dinner, we went outside to explore the snow at night. The snow on the tree was so beautiful!
3 of us.
I love my sister-in-law jacket especially the fluffy hat.
While they were taking photo. Secretly snap this photo.
A clearer photo from my brother-in-law.
Just walk around.
Just play with black and white effect.
If my brother’s eye didnt close, this photo should be perfect.
This photo was great.
Yea. I wish to stay here for one more night :)
So romantic.
Got winter sonata feel?
One of the apartment at Mount Buller. The room rate should be more expensive.
Sometime I hope I can be a model. So that can take alot nice photo :P
Thus, Let’s be my hubby’s model, just for fun. Keke…
My hubby was complaining among 10 photos, he only have 1 photo. Thus, he requested to take one photo for himself.
But my skill not really good. Hubby, paiseh la…
Hoho.Let’s take off my jacket first so that the cloth looked different.
Hehe, I love my cloth’s color. The color looked sharp with the white snow.
Hehe, one more shot.
Clock tower at night.
Me and my sister.
Me and my hubby.
It was -2°C now. Cold. But we still can stand it.
Mount Buller at night.
So happy that we were here!
The weather was getting cold. 3 of them started shaking.
My sister used Nikon with flash to capture this photo. How’s the photo outcome?
Let’s show you. Deng Deng… This is the power of the flash.
Alamak, me and my hubby’s photo. Better dont display out right? Hehe, just let you see so that next time you remember to bring tripod for night time shoot. Else the outcome will be like this. LOL.
Yes! A very beautiful photo to end my blog! Thanks hubby and finally can move on to Day 4 soon…

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4 Responses to “Melbourne in Winter Day 3 @ Mount Buller Part III”

  1. jennifer Says:

    hi, may i know u book those ticket urself thorugh website or u got assist help through the agency ?because i am going to melbourne with my bf this winter..and i am now just start to do homework..and i think ur blog help me a lots…i kinda blur of melbounre actually…i am also going for 7 days….

  2. QiQi Says:

    Hi we booked ticket through website :) we also went there 7 days. Happy planning and enjoy your trip!

  3. jennifersee Says:

    thanks for your reply, another question i need to ask , do u all follow local tours there ? and actually what so special about overnight at mount buller ? because the accomodation there is very expensive for both of us , so can i know anything i will lost out if we do not overnight there?thanks and i really like ur bllog

  4. QiQi Says:

    Hi we drives ourselves as follow local tour might b costly. So far at night no activity just walk around mount buller. At night, v cooked in apartment and have our family chat time. If 2 of u only, I think good if can follow local tour. You try to find and see ;)

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