$88 Fly Away

ShareTweet This month I received phone bill from STARHUB and I saw these inside my bill!!!OMG!What charges is that??? An item called – TOTAL DATA USAGE OUTSIDE GEE! $155.17!!!! **Sob Sob** I didnt use it, I didnt use it! Why I need to pay that 冤枉钱??? I called STARHUB to clarify on these. They said [...]

ShareTweet 人的时间,精力和金钱都是有限的, 你必须慎选花用的方式。 如果你决定以贬抑别人来提高自己价值的方式来浪费一些有限的资源,你会发现,你把大部分的时间和精力都花在说人是非, 中伤别人, 自己可用的, 反而所剩无几。 如果你爱散佈恶意伤人的谣言, 别人再也不会信任你, 有句话说得好: 【向我们论人是非的, 也会向别人论我们的是非!】 书名:365 个快速成功法 (Napolean hill’s positive active plan) 作者:拿破仑.希尔

ShareTweet After celebrating with Chin, we continued second celebration with Joey at Nihon Mura Japanese Restaurant which located near Yio Chu Kang Mrt station Nihon Mura Restaurant’s environment. Bamboo style = Japanese style? My favourite Bean! Just cost $0.99 per plate! All the sushi just cost $0.99 except red color plate which cost $2.99 per [...]

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