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Today 28th Feb 2010, which mean is Chap Goh Mei! We have a “birthday celebration + gathering” with Chin. Actually her actual birthday is on 25th Feb, thus we didnt buy cake for her, just treat her lunch :) By the way, today VIP seem like is not her, but her son – Jin Hao :)

He likes to take photo.
New-York-Restaurant (2)

Told you already, today VIP is this little baby lor, not her mom. All of us only focus to him :)
New-York-Restaurant (3)

So, in this post will have alot of Jin Hao’s photo.
New-York-Restaurant (4)

Say “PEACE YA”. In short form we said “PISA” :P
New-York-Restaurant (5)

Yee and Albert
New-York-Restaurant (6)

My 2 pretty ladies – Yee n Chin
New-York-Restaurant (7)

Me and my 2 pretty Jimuis.
New-York-Restaurant (8)

Paiseh, food photo again! Look yummy lei ~ Spagetti with fish fillet
New-York-Restaurant (9)

Spagetti with bacon? I forgot all the food name :P
New-York-Restaurant (10)

Actually I have post about this restaurant beofre. click here to view more details about new york restaurant :) . Just few things different – more people, more food.
New-York-Restaurant (12)

Jin Hao said :”I am 2 years old now.”
New-York-Restaurant (11)

Jin Hao Jin Hao, look at camera :)
New-York-Restaurant (13)

So guai of him :)
New-York-Restaurant (14)

We ordered pizza also.
New-York-Restaurant (15)

Father and son. Look alike?
New-York-Restaurant (16)

Happy family.
New-York-Restaurant (17)

Me and my dear.
New-York-Restaurant (18)

Our Group photos
New-York-Restaurant (19)

One more
New-York-Restaurant (20)

Jin Hao :”Er…what should I pose?”
New-York-Restaurant (21)

Jin Hao : “Let’s me think and see!”
New-York-Restaurant (22)

Jin Hao :”Arg..I think I know…”
New-York-Restaurant (23)

Jin Hao :”Let’s pose this~”
New-York-Restaurant (24)

Jin Hao :”Opps! Who took my photo!”
New-York-Restaurant (25)

Chin and me. See my face ~ So chan x_X
New-York-Restaurant (26)

3 of us + 3 of them ( peng, yun, bey ) ~ friendship forever :)
New-York-Restaurant (27)

Family Potrait 1
New-York-Restaurant (28)

Family Potrait 2
New-York-Restaurant (29)

Family Potrait 3 :)
New-York-Restaurant (30)


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