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ION Orchard

A newly open shopping centre in Singapore – ION Orchard. The design of ION Orchard was so unique. It has more than 300 retail, F&B and entertainment stores. Of course you can find international branded shop such as Louis Vuitton, Giorgio Armani, Dior in ION orchard to! Feel wana come Singapore for a big shopping???

ION Orchard Front view
Ion Orchard

Ion Orchard2

Ion Orchard 4

Louis Vuitton

Giorgio Armani


Inside the ION Orchard

Ion Orchard ShoppingFloor

Ion Orchard ShoppingFloor3

Ion Orchard Wall

How to go ION orchard?? Very easy only..Just stop at Orchard MRT station..
Orchard Station

For more information, please visit to -> :)

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  1. Luyee Says:

    I got lost in there the first time I went. hahahaha. The layout worse than Vivo… :p

  2. QiQi Says:

    hahah….yalo..agree with u also :)

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