ShareTweet Continue from previous blog entry, here we came to Lavender Cottage(薰衣草森林). We reached there around 3 pm.

ShareTweet On the way to Princess Annie’s Garden (安妮公主花园) after visiting the Mushroom house.

ShareTweet Continue from previous place- CH Garden, we came to mushroom house(阿亮香菇园), we can see alot different kind of mushroom, such as Lentinula edodes(香菇),Ganoderma mushroom(灵芝菇),  Coprinus Comatus(鸡腿菇), pleurotus eryngii(杏鲍菇), Pleurotus citrinopileatus(珊瑚菇) and so on.  

ShareTweet Click here if you wish to read my Taiwan Day 5. When you came to Tai Zhung, remember to visit Shin She 新社 because there were so many places to go! You can click on the map below for larger view.     Great to share with everyone, Shin She did provide shuttle service 新社协会接驳导览车 which cost only NT250 per pax per [...]

ShareTweet 昨天可真是累死。结果呢?23.03.2011的早上 睡过拢 ZzZz 。后果呢?我们的免费早餐没得吃lo因为收了 X_X. 梳洗后,我们就赶快步行到柯达大饭店附近搭基隆客运到九份。      原来九份在高山的哦。     翻山越岭不久后。。    

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