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Continue from previous blog entry, here we came to Lavender Cottage(薰衣草森林). We reached there around 3 pm.

Entrance to Lavender Cottage.

Our Coupon.

A loveby big bear~

Blissful (幸福)



We stopped by a restaurant called “森林咖啡馆” for our late lunch.

The food menu very nice…We are allowed to bring home after that.

Nice view? Hehe. Took this photo from their post card la ;p

We ordered Honey and Spice Chicken Leg w/ Lavender & Garlic Sauce 薰衣草蜜汁嫩鸡 NT420. As we got NT200, so we additional pay NT220. Quite expensive hor.. but nice la :P

The meal served with rice, soup and green salad as well.

After lunch,  we started to explore around.





Finally saw a small part of Lavender.

香草迷宫. 新建的~

Haha…U too fat. So, dont need to hide :P

Let’s start the Maze.

A big book? What inside?

Some stories were written here.


Dont know which way to go tim ~


O…Our dream room ~ So sweet.

Public phone…

The maze not so big, we exit to this souvenir shop. Can I bring this miao miao back home? So cute.

After that, we went to Lavender Farm 薰衣草田!!~ Nice bo?

This is what I always hope~ Taking photo with a big big lavender farm :P

Cool weather + Lavender smell!~ So enjoy!


My hubby writing some memory word to his card.

Then stamp it.

After stamp, you will see “梦想成真”

Hang it on the wishing tree 许愿树 :) Wish our dream come true!

Our memory date at Lavender Cottage Farm was 24 March 2011! Our last destination in Shin She today was Summit Resort 新社庄园. Another nice place to visit in Shin She. Stay tune!

Address: 薰衣草新社区中兴街20号
Tel no: 04-25931066

Opening hour:
Mon – Fri : 10:30AM - 06:30AM
Sat: 10:00AM – 7:00PM
Sun: 09:30AM – 06:30PM
Entrance Fees: 200NT and get a N T100 coupon (Sun- Thurs); NT200 coupon (Fri and Sat)

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161 Responses to “6.3 Welcome to Taiwan Shin She 台湾新社薰衣草森林趴趴走”

  1. meechoo Says:

    very nice place!! these cottage/annie garden/mushroom garden are temparory or permenant tourist spots? all are very nice!!!

  2. QiQi Says:

    All should be permanent tourist spot ;p. One more nice place I will upload later – Summit Resort 新社庄园 :) Near Shin She, there was a place called 大坑 got 2 tourist spot quite nice to visit too – 心之芳庭,纸箱王 at 大坑。I believe you already go to Taipei so recommend you other places such as 苗栗天空之城. See sakura at 九族文化村 (Best time around Feb) See sheep at 清镜 and mayb can see snow at 合欢山also (Best time Nov – Mar). 花莲七星潭 nice too. Some place I have missed due to time constraints as well as due to no public transport accessed. So, need to 包车 which is costly. So, plan to go with family next time. Can 包车. more worth.

  3. irene Says:

    hi, QIQI,wonder if you can share your taiwan itineary with me coz i plan go there next year..keke…

  4. QiQi Says:

    Hi Irene, sent to your email already! Hope it helps!

  5. Ivy Says:

    Hi Qiqi, I want to go 薰衣草 farm. May I know how you travel there? Thank you so much.

  6. QiQi Says:

    Hi Ivy,

    I took bus to Tai Zhung train station and look for “Feng Yuan(豐原)” bus station,Then took bus no 6581/6580 (豐原客運)『台中-中興嶺-東勢』的班車,在《新二村站》下车. When reached Shin She, I called Shin She officer. Then, the driver will come to fetch us to all the tourist places in Shin She which Lavender Farm is one of it.
    * Do remember do an advance booking from For more info and pictures, you may refer to my post

  7. Ant Says:

    Hi, QIQI,

    Your blog abt your taiwan trip is really nice! I am going there in May too. Do you mind sharing me your initery with me by send it to my email pls? Thanks lots!!

  8. QiQi Says:

    Thanks Ant! Already email you! Enjoy ur trip ya!

  9. QiQi Says:

    Ya, Ant. Heard that May flower season – Paulownia Flowers (油桐花). You may plan a visit to Hsinchu (新竹) and Miaoli (苗栗). 天空之城 in Miaoli is a vy nice place to visit too oh~

  10. Sally Says:

    Hi QiQi,

    I really like your blog… It’s so nice. Wonder if you can share your itineary with me… Will be going there next month. Thanks so much… :)

  11. QiQi Says:

    Hi ~ Thanks so much for the like. Already email you…:D

  12. Angela Says:

    Hi QiQi :) I would like to ask how did you do the advance booking for the Shin She guide? Is there any email address that I can contact the person? as I noticed that only the contact number is stated on the website.

    And also, the places that you visited in Shin She, would you also recommend the same itinerary? As I have limited time to spare in Shin She, I would like to visit the better ones :)

    Appreciate if you could offer some advice :) Thank you.

  13. QiQi Says:

    Hihi…Actually I called the tour guide when I reached Tai Zhung. Luckily still got seat :P . Then, they told me time and location to wait. When we arrived, we jz told them we wish to go Lavender Farm (Mar got more Lavender to see) and Summit Resort. So, they tried their best to fit in the 2 places on that day journey as not only 2 of us in the van but still got other tourists. So end up the itinerary that day is CH Garden -> Mushroom House -> Annie Garden -> Lavender Farm -> Summit Resort. And, we reached there 12 pm thats why abit rush too. If you reach earlier you may have more time to visit more places. Their service started around 9am – 5pm. For more info, you can visit to this link –

  14. nella Says:

    Hi Qiqi

    the Taichung train station that you mention,is this the same as the Taichung HSR station? And also for the shuttle bus service, your last station is feng jia night market. Meaning the bus drop off at feng jia?

  15. Angela Says:

    Hi QiQi…Thank you for your prompt reply previously :)

    I see…Cos I was thinking of engaging a cabbie to bring us (2 pax) around to Shinshe + 心之庭房Moncoeur and Carton King which are both at Da Keng at then at night to Fengjia night market. I’m not sure if doing all these by public transport would be better (cheaper I guess). Do you think there is enough time to go to these places on our own? Or would hiring a cabbie be better? My cabbie quoted us NT3000 (starting from Taichung HSR to Shinshe attractions (Lavender Cottage, Annie’s Garden, Mushroom farm, Summit resort) to Da Keng (Moncoeur + Carton King) and lastly FJ night market.

    Hope you can offer some advice on this :) Thank you so much :)

  16. Angela Says:

    Oh and I would also like to ask, regarding the digital tour buddy, are we able to top up the value in the sim card upon collection at the same place? Or do we have to go elsewhere to top up? :)


  17. QiQi Says:

    Hi, once you get the phone, inside already have 100NT credit. So, it should enough for you to make local call. If the credit finish, you can do the top up at 7-11 store :)

  18. QiQi Says:

    Hihi…心之庭房 also a nice place also but due lack of time, so didnt go.. we always tried to take public transport (can experience more “Taiwan Life”) unless the place was not so accessible by public transport. And, pls be reminded if you unable to book the Shin She tour guide, then advisable to take day cab as no public transport around Shin She~ If got also limited :) Below is just for your reference.

    Our itenary that day as below (Shin She tour NT500 + bus fare So total is around NT800 for 2 pax)
    1) Take bus from mingshu to Taichung main station 10am -1030am
    2) Take a bus to Shin She 11am – 12pm
    3) Meet the shin she tour guide (CH Garden, Mushroom farm, Annie’s Garden, Lavender Cottage, Summit resort) 12-5pm
    4) Took bus from shin she to Dakeng ( 东东芋圆, Carton King) 5 – 7 pm
    5) Took bus from Dakeng to Tai Chung.
    6) Took bus from Tai Zhung to Feng Jia.

    Of course by public transport was not so convenience and sometimes if you missed the bus or lost the way, then your time will be wasted and that time you may regret why not just paymore to take cabbie.. So, really up to you to decide. If you have 4 in group, of course take cab d! Besides that, need to see your journey too. If you depart from Taipei to TaiChung by HSR then you plan to go Shin She by public transport, then it will quite hard to make it in one day. So, it was advisable to book a day cab 2. You can save time to hotel and keep the luggage in cab, not need to bring here and there. And where you stay? not near feng jia? We back to our mingshu then we walked to Feng Jia. It was just near by~ so basically not need cabbie for that.

  19. Angela Says:

    Hi! Thanks for your reply :) Very detailed and informative indeed. I think for this year 2012, only NT50 will be given inside the sim card. Will it be enough to make just one or two calls? As I’ll need to make a call to my cabbie at the airport..not sure if I’ll have time before that to go to 7-11 to top up.

    Anyway, I read that you stayed at J&I so I’ve also booked one night there. Hope it’s good for the cheap price :) And yes, very true. Got to take the time factor into guess I’ll just stick with engaging a driver (though it’s only for 2 pax) :D

    Thank you so much for your advice! Appreciate it loads :)

  20. QiQi Says:

    Hi Angela, just one or 2 local call, more than enough ~ haha :) Perhaps you call and ask them to call u back. Enjoy ur triP!

  21. QiQi Says:

    Taichung train station that I mentioned,is different as Taichung HSR station (Both distance still need 30mins). The shuttle service I took is by van not by bus and it only covered Shin She area. So the first and last station is Shin She :)

  22. Angela Says:

    Alright, that’s good to hear..haha :) Thank you! And I like your blog, very helpful for the ‘lost sheeps’ when it comes to planning first-time trips to new places. Keep it going!

    Have a good week ahead :)

  23. QiQi Says:

    Hihi, no problem! Ur like will make me keep going! Sometimes when I planned for my trip, I also feel grateful when I found travel blog which can provide me infos and photos so I will not so get lost when going there :) That’s why I tried to share as much as details I could after I back from my trip! I just hope what I found can share to others too as well as keep for memories too :)

    Hope u will have a fun trip in Taiwan!

  24. May Says:

    Hi there! Chanced upon your blog while googling for a day trip from Taipei to shinshe! Isit possible for u to share your itinerary? Do u think the traveling time will be sufficient by public transport? Thank you!

  25. QiQi Says:

    Hi May, I hv emailed u~ pls chk ;) Taking public bus frm TaiChung train station to shin she ll need around 1 hr. When reach shin she, the shuttle service is provided (book in advance). So, if you plan 1 day just for shin she, public transport is sufficient for u as long as you don’t take the wrong bus ya ^^

  26. May Says:

    Hi qiqi! I’ve received your email! Thanks a lot :)

  27. Cadence Says:

    Hi there!I was planning for a day trip from Cingjing Farm to shinshe! Isit possible for u to share your taiwan itinerary?


  28. Cal Says:

    Hi Qiqi, your blog in very nice! alot of good pics and info. I’m planning my trip to taiwan, wonder if you mind sharing your itinery with me? thanks!

  29. QiQi Says:

    Hihi, already email u :)

  30. QiQi Says:

    Hihi, email u already~

  31. Sharlyn Says:

    Hi qiqi, chanced by ur blog and i will be going to taiwan this coming june, will u be able to share with me ur itinerary? And, what is there to explore in dakeng?

    Many thanks:)

  32. Diana Says:

    Hi QiQi,

    I will be visiting taiwan nxt wk and i’m doing some last min research. I love the wonderful pics u took and would like to follow your itinerary: 1 day Trip (Lavender Farm, Summit Resort, Dakeng-(Carton King), Feng Jia Night Market). I will be staying in XMD. Can I clarify the directions for the trip:

    (1) Taipei – Taichung – Shin She – Lavender Farm:
    How do i get to Taichung Railway Station? (where u took the bus no 6581/6580) Previously i thought u were referring to Taichung HSR station but i was mistaken?

    Will you be able to share the directions for the following route? Tried to browse your blog but cant seem to find:
    (2) Lavender Farm – Dakeng
    (3) Dakeng – Carton King
    (4) Carton King – Feng Jia Night Market
    (5) Feng Jia Night Market – XMD

    Lastly will u be able to share your itinerary with me too? Thank you so much and sorry for asking so many qn :)

  33. diana Says:

    Hi QiQi,

    i left a message earlier but it did not get published. I was wondering if you could share you itinerary with me as well? Will be gg taipei on thursday :)

    Btw is fenjia NM at taichung HSR station?

  34. QiQi Says:

    Hi Sharlyn, at Dakeng, you may explore 心之房庭, 东东芋圆, Carton King..if morning u can go further down – shin she area..alot place to explore u the itinerary le~

  35. QiQi Says:

    Hi Diana, sorry for late reply.. for ur day 1 trip..u will live at XMD = Xi Men Ding? It was far from Tai Zhung. It was impossible that u go from taipei to taizhung then bk to taipei. u should live at taizhung if u wish to visit to Shin She (Lavender farm).

    I took the bus from a bus station which located opposite Taichung Raiway Station, not TaiShung HSR (both located differently).

    My journey that day is Feng Jia – TaiZhung – Shin She (Lavendar Farm, Annie Princess, Summit Resort) – Dakeng (Carton King) – Feng Jia. Hope that my sharing was not too late for u…..

  36. QiQi Says:

    Hi Diana, recently i was busy..just saw ur msg.sorry ya..the Fenjia NM is not near Taichung HSR station i guess. Taichung HSR station is the speed train u mean right?

  37. Ying Says:

    Hi Qiqi,

    I will be visiting taiwan in June, do you mind sharing your itinerary with me? Thanks!

  38. Skye Says:

    Dear Qi Qi,
    Thanks for sharing your trip experience and the nice photos. Enjoyed reading your blog! :)

    I will be travelling to taiwan alone and would like to take the chance to visit lavender cottage but I will be staying in taipei, near XMD.

    If I am only visiting lavender cottage, going to take train to Taichung HSR station and then cab to the cottage, will this take half day only?

    Would you happened to know how much cabbie charge for the ride from Taichung HSR station to Lavender cottage?

    Thank you so much for helping me! :P

  39. QiQi Says:

    Hi Skye,

    U mean from taipei to lavender cottage and bk to taipei again? It was costly…..
    ONly the TaiChung HSR duno cost u how much already and then from HSR to Shin She Lavender cottage not cheap.
    If too cabbie I guess need around 300NT per car. Actually lavender cottage got a few branches in Taiwan, maybe you can search and see which branch is the nearest to Taipei. I dun think is a good idea to travel from XMD – Taichung Lavender – XMD, time and money will be wasted ~

  40. QiQi Says:

    Hi Ying,

    Already email yoU~ Enjoy ur trip!

  41. Theresa Says:


    If we arrive at 1:35pm at airport and take hsr to taichung. From Taichung HSR, we book a cab to Lavendar cottage, what time will we be able to reach Lavendar cottage?

    I understand that July , the flower season of lavender is finished. Will there be other flowers?


  42. QiQi Says:

    Hi Theresa,

    It will b too rush n too late to reach the lavender cottage, n somemore not lavender flower season. In July, flower season will b
    1) tung oil flower at Miao Li

    2) Daylily flower at sixtystone hua Lian (aug-sep)

    3) lotus flower at Taoyuan or Taipei botanic garden ( jun till July)

  43. waq Says:

    hi qiqi,

    i enjoyed reading ur blog on the taiwan trip, esp the one at sinshe, im planning to visit taichung, do you have any recommendations of places of visits/shopping in taichung other than sinshe, feng jia nm? could you share your itinerary with me too?

    thanks in advance? :)

  44. QiQi Says:

    Already email u! if u got rent car..u may follow journey below :) Emjoy ur trip!
    第一天 彩绘眷村、东海大学、东海国际街、高美湿地、逢甲夜市
    第二天 东东芋圆、纸箱王、心之芳庭、香菇街、新社古堡、薰衣草森林

    For more info, u can refer my itinerary – TaiZhung Info tab :)

  45. Kristine Says:


    Nice photos! :D
    I am going Taiwan in Oct, and plan to spend 3 days in TaiChung to visit the following places.
    - Lavender Cottage
    - 安妮公主花園
    - 百菇莊
    - 紙箱王 (Carton King)
    - 心之芳庭

    - Aboriginal Village
    - Sun Moon Lake

    - Cing Jing Farm

    I do intend to spend one night in Lavender and also want to visit the night markets in Taichung, eg Fengjia. I know is kinda rush, but do you have any suggestions/advices on how i should plan this trip?

  46. QiQi Says:

    If u want to stay lavender, then one night before, u can stay at Taichung near by feng jia. If one day before u at other places, then I suggested u stay near feng jia after lavender. Basically at lavender nothing to do at night. But feng jia u can shop and eat till 12! In Taiwan, visit to night market is a must o..especially feng jia, such a big night market at Taichung!

  47. Kristine Says:

    Thanks for your advices:)

    I am just another lost sheepss… :( haiz…

    Can you share your Taichung itinerary?

    If so, maybe i will not stay over at Lavender. Will the sinshe shuttle bring us to the following places? Because i saw on the website there are many lines. Is it a specific line to take?
    - Lavender Cottage
    - 安妮公主花園
    - 百菇莊
    - 紙箱王 (Carton King)
    - 心之芳庭

  48. QiQi Says:

    shin she shuttle will bring you to
    - Lavender Cottage
    - 安妮公主花園
    - 百菇莊
    * we requested the driver bring us to 新社城堡 too, tell the driver place you wish to go, they ll arrange for you :)
    But not following:
    - 紙箱王 (Carton King)
    - 心之芳庭

    I will send the itinerary to you later ;)

  49. Evelyn Says:

    Hi,may I know Sept season still have Lavender to see or not? Beside that,how many days u stayed in TaiChung?

    Thank :)

  50. Evelyn Says:

    Hi,May I add ur number or email,so I can whatsapp you or send u email more convenience. :)

  51. QiQi Says:

    Lavender season is on March… I stayed at Tai Chung 2 nights ;)

  52. QiQi Says:

    You may email me at ;)

  53. Fion Liew Says:

    Hi Qi Qi,

    Can you share with me your itinerary, and recommend me some place where we can go. I will travelling to Taiwan in April next year.


  54. QiQi Says:


    Laptop is not with me now. Send you later ;)

  55. angelin Says:

    Hi QiQi,

    Next year January 14 I will go taiwan 1 week trip.
    Lavender season issit available on January?

  56. cookioreo Says:

    hi Qi Qi! i am planning to go Taichung in Mar’13. Can I trouble you to share with me your itinerary too? thank you very much!

  57. stephanie Says:

    Hi dear, are you able to send me your itinerary as i will be traveling to taiwan in the later part of the year. thank you!

  58. QiQi Says:

    Angelin, I guess you already back from your trip..So sorry for late reply as I was busy for my baby recently~
    Lavender season is on March….January to Feb is Sakura season..Hopefully u enjoy ur trip!

  59. QiQi Says:

    Hi Stephanie, have emailed you already ~ Enjoy ur trip!

  60. QiQi Says:

    Hihi…cookioreo~ emailed you alraedy…hopefully not too late for u!

  61. Yik mien Says:

    Hihi…Qiqi..will u mind to share ur itenary with me? And can u recommend me some place that I can go at Taichung? Thanks a lot..

  62. yik mein Says: it ok to share ur itinerary with me?thx a lot..

  63. Janice Says:

    Hi, i had read your post for 3 times and i was kinda lost in my planning. Is it possible to share with me your itinerary? I am currently stuck in the planning as i the travelling is indeed inconvenient since i am bringing my parents along. Elderly tends to feel tired easily.

  64. QiQi Says:

    Hi Janice, if you bring parent along.. Good to look for a driver. Normally if 4 pax, quite worth to take cab and very convenience too. Your parent ll enjoy. I ll send you my itinerary later :)

  65. QiQi Says:

    Hi yik mien, in Taichung quite few places to go. I share my itinerary to you later which has some places recommended to go in Taichung.

  66. KT Says:

    Hi QiQi,

    Mind to share your itinerary?
    I going Taiwan next thur 7Mar and not yet plan my itinerary.
    As we would like to go Levendar Cottage, Cingjing farm and carton king.
    But only two of us & is our 1st time travel do twn, that’s y are in the lost now..

  67. QiQi Says:

    Advised to go lavender cottage n summit resort in sinshe in second day. First day can go cinjing but advised to go at 8 am else not enough time. I have forwarded Taiwan itinerary for yr reference.

  68. Zhen Says:

    Qiqi, can send me your itinerary too, im lost with my planning especially Taichung part.. so many place to go but too little time

  69. May Says:

    Hi QiQi

    Can you email me your Taiwan Itinerary? Would like to visit Taichung and some areas mentioned in the blog:)

  70. Sharon Says:

    Hi Qi Qi,

    I am planning 2 days at taichung after i went to Sun moon lake. 2 ladies travelling together in may 2.

    I will be staying at Galleria Hotel near fengjia NM. After I saw your blog, I find it super useful but i may need your itinerary.

    I feel that Fengjia NM is abit far from those places that i want to go like carton king, lavender farm, annie princess, summit, xiang jiao xin le yuan and also rainbow village.

    May need your advise regarding transportation to these places.

    Thank you

  71. Sue Says:

    Hi Qiqi,
    I’m planning a trip with my parents to Taiwan and part of it involves a 2 day trip to Taichung during the 2nd week of May. I saw your blog and am very interested in bringing my parents to the Lavender Cottage, Annie’s Farm, and the mushroom farm as a day trip from Taichung. Do you mind sending me your itinerary? Do you have a contact for a cab that I can hire or do you know where I can find one? That leg of the trip will take place the second week of May. Do you know if there still will be lavender? My parents are in their mid 60′s. Do you think a day trip will be too rushed? We will be traveling to Hualien from Taichung after Shinshe. Any recommendations for 1 day in Hualien? (we are heading for Taroko after) Thanks for your input and looking forward to your reply.

  72. Amy Says:

    hi Qi Qi,

    I just found ur blog, and I am so happy to find reading ur blog, as I got no idea where to visit at tai chung ,

    it is ok if i stay overnite in tai chung for 1st day just same as ur interinary?

    and 2nd day change to sun moon lake tan hui hotel as u suggested?

  73. QiQi Says:

    HI Amy, U can arrange the journey as below if can :

    Day 1 : 9 am – 5 pm visit to sin she, 6 pm visit to carton king then 8 – 10 pm can walk around feng jia ye shi
    Day 2: Travel to sun moon lake, have a boating around sun moon lake. Stay a night there. If time allow, u can spend one more day ( 9 am – 2 pm ) to Jiu Zhu Wen Hua Chun.

    Hope suggestion above helps!

  74. QiQi Says:

    Not sure 2nd week of May still have Lavender or not. You may refer to link below for the flower season in Taiwan
    Hi Sue,

    You can refer my taiwan itinerary > driver tab. There were several driver contact email but the price may be expensive. If you have 4 to go, then it was worth to get a driver especially bring parent along.

    For Taiwan Shi She, you have to call 0425821058 for advance booking else full seat. Shin She group will arrange shuttle van to pick you to most of the places in shin she but not include carton king. Quite worth as only NT250 per pax from 9 am to 5 pm. If you find a driver for a day trip to Shin She and the price not much different, you may consider else you still need to take public transport from Tai Zhung to Shin She which is not so convenience as well.

    Travel from Tai Zhung Shin She to Hualien in the same day is not advisable because the journey too far. You may check with the driver and let them know your plan and your concern. They will advise and suggest to you and quote you a price.

    WIsh you have a nice journey!!

  75. QiQi Says:

    HI Sharon,

    We also stayed at Feng Jia, we took bus to Taichung main station and change another bus to Shin She. When we reached SHin She, a shuttle van will come to pick us to places in Shin She (9 am – 5pm) You can tell the driver where you wish to go. They charged NT250 per pax only. So, it was quite worth.

    Normally, Shin She, Carton King will need one day so you may plan other places on another day, enjoy your trip! Already send the itinerary to your inbox!

  76. QiQi Says:

    Hi May,

    Send to your inbox! Enjoy your trip!

  77. QiQi Says:

    Hi Zhen,

    Send yo your inbox too! Enjoy your trip!

  78. Amy Says:

    Hi Qiqi,
    tx for ur suggestion, beside u stay in Tan Hui BB hotel in SML rite? Did you buy their package promo or just the room and u free and easy go walk around there in Sun Moon Lake?


  79. QiQi Says:

    Ya. I bought the promotion package from tan hui. Then I free and easy walk around my self at SML :)

  80. Amy Says:

    means they only give u coupon and voucher rite?
    means we still have to go our own and no need follow the driver there rite?

    cz i saw the hotel really not bad


  81. QiQi Says:

    Hi amy, Yes yes..
    The jetty just opposite..easy only! If don’t know just ask arounfbpeople there.. They very friendly one!

    Is a mingshu so consider not bad le ;)

  82. Yang Says:

    Hello QiQi,

    I was doing online research on lavendar cottage and happen to browse your blog. Nice, lovely photos you had!
    I’m planning to visit Taiwan end of this month (probably 3rd week of April), do you think it’s still a good time to visit the lavender farm? How far isit from Taichung HSR?
    Should I go to Miaoli or Hsinshu for flower / lavender farm visit instead? I’m kinda lost. Appreciate if you could enlighten.

    P.S. I’ve been to SML,CingJing,Taroko,& Taipei, missed out the lavender farm visit due to season of visit.

    Thank you,

  83. Jasmine Says:

    Hi QiQi

    I have some difficulty finding the booking icon on Lavender Cottage’s website since it’s mainly in Chinese. Do u have the direct email to the owner?

    If I only have half a day for Taichung tour, what do you recommend? Thanks!

  84. QiQi Says:

    Hi I dont have direct email of the owner. Half day Taichung tour ar.. I can only think is travel around taichung town as travel down to lavender cottage, need around 1 hour~

  85. QiQi Says:

    Hi Yang, march is lavender season… Hopefully end of April still hv.. I think during May, miaoli has flower season too n do remember visit 天空之城 in miao li..quite a nice place ;) the lavender cottage I went to is shinshe.. Shinshe not only hv lavender cottage but still got lot others farm to visit… Not really sure about Miao li lavender cottage.. Never been before ;) from Taichung main station to shin she around 1 hour..

  86. irene Says:

    may i know when is the lavender .. 海芋。peach season?ur
    is a homestay?. how much per day?

  87. QiQi Says:

    Hi Irene, LAvender season is on March, I guess 海芋 at Yang Min Shan also on March. Which homestay you refer to? Feng Jia Homestay? Is around 1100NT per day. There was different range of price, cheapest is NT890 if not mistaken.

  88. theresia Says:

    Hi QiQi,

    Your post’s awesome !!
    Do you know if the lavender also this nice on Feb ?
    Can u pls share your taiwan itinerary ? ><
    i find difficulty in finding taiwan itinerary coz i cant read chinese T_T

    Thank u !!^^

  89. Mandy Says:

    Hi Qiqi

    I will be going to Taiwan in mid November for 6d5n (arriving at 7am on 1st day and leaving at 3pm on the 6th day) with my sisters and their daugthers. It means we will be having full 5 days and half day on the 6th day. Since we will be having 2 children with us (age 11 and 6), i really need help with the itinerary. First timer and totally no idea how scattered the attractions are. I have checked and listed a few of the places that we may want to go but don’t know which place to start first and to follow by what next etc. As a matter of fact, i don’t think we have sufficient time for all of it. Therefore, would appreciate if someone can highlight to me which one i should drop from my list..

    Places we wish to visit :

    Yehliu Geological park, Jiufen & Shifen road, Taroko national park, E-Da world/Leofoo Theme park (we will only choose 1. Can advise which will be more fun?), Ximending, Lugang Mazu temple, 10 drums cultural village, Alishan national forest, Sun Moon lake cruise, 4D confucian theater, Carton King, Small swiss garden, 心之芳庭 and Lavender farm (in November still got lavender??)

    Farm :

    Taiyi Ecological leisure farm, Flying cow ranch, Chao feng leisure farm

    Night market :
    For sure it is something not to be missed. However too many to choose from. Can you just recommend?

    We are not into museums / temples therefore selected one or two only. We hope to be able to spend a night at the farm. The 3 farms mentioned, we have to select one but no idea which would b the best in term of activities, scenery, etc. From the pictures, Flying cow ranch seems to be interesting. Any idea? The kids are dying to stay at the Hello Kitty themed hotel. This too i have no idea when / to slot in to which itinerary day. Apat from hello kitty themed hotel, any other themed hotel to recommend? I can’t read chinese. It is double the efforts for me to work this out. :( I just wish my sisters will have fun with the shopping, slight sightseeing and attractions in Taiwan, while the children have fun at the theme park and farm and at the same time not to wear them out.

    On the transportation, is it better to book a driver will be advisable or to take public transport (train/bus/taxi)? If would be highly appreciated if you can help to arrange my place of interest in order/day plus with advices on the transport and place to stay (location – so that i can check out hotels at that area). Oh ya, will it be very cold by mid Nov? On average, what’s the degree celcius then?

    Hope it is not too much to ask.. thanking you in advance.

  90. QiQi Says:

    Hi Mandy,

    Should be LeoFoo theme park more fun…and nearer to airport…the places you choose too wide area alraedy. Hard to cover everything within 5 days, unless you rent a cab and driver. Use the same driver and discuss with him on the places you wish to go, they will arrange for you. If you rent a cab, you not to worry the luggage also. The journey below are recommended if you rent a driver for the whole journey.

    Day 1: Tao Yuan airport -> Leo Foo Theme Park ( Xin Zhu ) -> Tai Zhung Feng Jia Ye Shi (biggest ye shi in tai zhung) -> Stay at Tai Zhung
    * can skip the lavender farm as no lavender on Nov. If didnt go Lavender farm, then dont waste time go 心之芳庭, never beem to Lugang Matsu Temple, 10 drums cultural village, Alishan national forest, so hard to comment and I guess the location is quite far and it might need 1-2 days to cover these places
    Day 2 : Sun Moon Lake cruise -> Jiu Zu Wen Hua Cun Aboriginal Village -> Stay at sun moon lake
    Day 3 : Pu Li wine factory-> chocalate factory -> Cin Jing Farm -> carton King -> swiss garden -> Stay at cin jing farm
    Day 4 : He Huan San (Can see snow) -> Tarako national park -> Taipei -> Stay at xi men ding
    Day 5 : Yehliu Geological park, Jiufen, yu ren ma tou, dan shui lao jie, -> Stay at xi men ding
    Day 6 : Xi Men Ding, Tai Pei 101, 4D confucian theater -> Airport

    If you got budget to hire the driver, then you can hire from day 2 – day 4 as these places quite hard to access the public transport and the places is quite far from each other. For day 5, if no budget to hire driver, then go only ye liu and jiu fen by bus or local train. It was fun too to let the kids try the train :) Hope my infos above can helps :) Enjoy your trip!

  91. QiQi Says:


    Not sure Lavender season on Feb or not but i know Feb, you can find very nice sakura at Jiu Zu Wen Hua Cun Aboriginal Village 九族文化村 :)

  92. Lavender Gal Says:

    Hi Qiqi, can you please email me your itinerary? i wanna go see lavender… but wonder which month is the best for lavender bloom..

  93. hui Says:

    Just want to ask do u know any driver to bring us around sinche if we take bus and alight at sinche station? Is it better to get a cab from sinche station or directly from taichung station?

  94. hui Says:

    Wanna get your taiwan itineray too if allowed.
    My planned itinerary.
    For first day: taichung -> 9 zhu -> take cable car -> sun moon lake -> feng jia
    Second day: take bus and tour around sin she then board to taipei
    Do u think is too rush? Shud we get a cab or take a bus if there is 4 the fare a huge difference? Will appreciate for your guidance

  95. Jesline Says:

    Hi Qi Qi

    Is it possible to cover all these places within a day either by hiring a driver or by public transport?

    Our itinery is as follows:


    Any recommendation for hiring a driver?

  96. Jesline Says:

    Hi Qi Qi

    Is it possible to cover these many places within a day by hiring a driver or by taking public transport?

    Our itinery is as follows:

    东东芋圆–>心之芳庭–>香菇街–>新社古堡–>薰衣草森林–> Feng Jia Night Market

    Any driver for recommendations as well?

  97. Li Ying Says:

    Hi Qiqi,

    My friends and I (4 pax) will be staying at a hotel near fengjia night market on 13 Oct and will be travelling to sinshe on 14 Oct (Mon). We are considering to hire a drive to dirve us around sinshe.
    The following places which we will like to visit at sinshe are:
    ah liang香菇园、新社古堡、薰衣草森林, 东东芋圆, 安妮公主花園.

    Based on this arrangement, will we be able to cover all the 5 places, or it will be quite rush?

    We are also considering whether to stay at a minsu in shinse or to travel back and stay at a hotel near fengjia night market instead of staying overnight at sinshe. Can you kindly advise which option is better? Thanks!

  98. QiQi Says:

    Hi Li ying, we took bus to sin she then only took the shuttle service to cover most of places u mentioned above.

    If u hire a driver a fetch u along sin she area, 1 day enough and advised to stay at fend jia so that u can continue shop and eat till late night..

  99. QiQi Says:

    Hi Jesline, should b ok to cover all places above.. But pls take note lavender farm close around 5 pm.. We booked driver from shin she.. The contact no is mentioned in my blog..

  100. QiQi Says:

    Hi Hui, I think if bus 2000nt, with cab should b 3000nt per day.. Cab will b more convenience and save lot time lo.. U can consider hire a driver.. Will send itinerary to you later :)

  101. QiQi Says:

    Hui, we booked driver ( shuttle service) which provided by sin she.. You can checkout the contact no in my Taiwan post..normally take cab faster but we just took bus.. Not very hard to find .. Just opposite tai zhung station~

  102. QiQi Says:

    Hi Lavender Gal, will share itinerary to you later … FYI lavender season during march ^^

  103. Tulip Says:


    I will be going to Taiwan on October, intend to go Taichung on 5/10, plan to stay a night there. If want to go Lavender cottage, is there any flowers.during October ? How to go from Sun Moon Lake to there? Any bus to reach there? Is it possible to send me your literary for reference to plan my Taiwan trip?

    Thank you & best regards,

  104. Desmond Tan Says:

    Hi QiQi

    I will be heading to Taichung next Wednesday 21/8/13 and spending 2 days there. I plan to make a day trip to Sinshe and visit places like Lavender Cottage, Mushroom Garden,Xinshe Sea of flowers, Xinshe Castle and Carton King. You mentioned about the Xinshe shuttle bus at NT$250 per pax, I think its pretty reasonable but does it cover all these areas(Aside Carton King)? And how do I make my way to Carton King from Xinshe, I also plan to visit the QQ dessert shop mentioned in your blog. My hotel is very near the Taichung Railway Station(not HSR) so I will be using the same route as you to get to Sinshe. For advice, is it better to hire a cab driver for the day or public buses will do(I heard the bus schedules in Taichung are 2 hours diff??) I am ok with public transport as travelling as a couple.

  105. Christy Says:

    Will like to check with you..
    If i were to travel down to sun moon lake then to puli then to the few locations of yours as following :-
    - Lavender Cottage
    - 安妮公主花園
    - 百菇莊
    - 紙箱王 (Carton King)
    - 心之芳庭

    Can you send me the itinerary as well?
    Thank you so much :)

  106. yufang Says:

    Hi qiqi,
    I chanced upon ur blog while looking for ways to travel via public transport in provided me with great infor.will like to request for ur itinerary as me and my bf will b travelling to taiwan during jan 14.will like to check whether you have any idea any thing for us to see in taichung during this period or any suggestions u have besides staying in taipei.many thanks :D

  107. Beth Says:

    Hi Qiqi

    Like where you travel in Taiwan.
    Can share your itinerary?


  108. Faith Says:

    Hi! I came upon your blog by chance and I’ll be going Taiwan during dec. I’m
    Interested in going to the lavender cottage during dec. But im not sure if its advise to go during that season. Mind sharing your itinerary with me?

  109. Jocelyn Says:

    Hi Qiqi,

    I m intending to go taiwan in mar 2014 for the lavender season. 1st time to Taiwan. May I gv your itinerary please. Thank you :)

  110. irene tay Says:

    can u pm me your itinerary for your whole trip in taiwan? thanks

  111. QiQi Says:

    Oppps…Desmond..I think you back from Taiwan d. So sorry as quite busy recently. I hope you have found your way to Shin She. Ya, the shuttle van service covered all place I went in Shin She areas except Da Keng. There were actually got 2 buses to Da Keng I guess. Yaya, i think the different 1 or 2 hours from Tai Chung to Shin She, so better catch earlier timing yo.. else no enough time :) You may share with us as well if you found better way ^^

  112. QiQi Says:

    Hi Irene,

    Already email you the itinerary :) Hope not too late for you ^^

  113. QiQi Says:

    Hi Faith,

    I think there is no Lavender flower during Dec. Dec should be winter time, quite cold. It was nice to go Cing Jing and He Huan Shan to look for snow :) Ya, already email you the itinerary.

  114. QiQi Says:

    Hi Yu Fang,

    Itinerary is sent to your email. Taichung has quite a few places to go. You may refer to my itinerary – Taichung info tab. Enjoy ur trip.

    Below are some itinerary for your reference:


  115. QiQi Says:

    Hi Christy,

    Last time I wish to include 心之芳庭 but we were late to Shin She, so no time to cover this place :)
    May be you wake up earlier, take 9 am bus to Shin She, then may have time go 心之芳庭, I think can reach via public bus also. I have emailed you the itinerary as well. Enjoy your trip!

  116. Theresia Says:

    hi QiQi,

    Found your blog very helpful for me :)
    I’m going to Taiwan next February, and planning to see Pingxi Lantern festival. Can u please send me your itinerary ?
    Can we see lavender or cherry blossom on February ?
    Thank you !!!

  117. Jacklyn Says:


    I m intending to go taiwan in apr 2014 for the lavender season. 1st time to Taiwan. May I gv your itinerary please. Thank you

  118. Xin En Says:

    Hello… May I have your itinerary? Thank You =)

  119. c'ley Says:

    Hi QiQi,
    Can i know how is your itinerary/journey in taiwan?
    You go by free & easy?
    Plan to go next year… ^^

  120. Amy Says:

    Can u send me your itinerary for your taiwan trip? With the drivers or car rent service number and price? Thanks..

  121. Wendy Says:

    Hi Qiqi!

    Can you send me a copy of your itinerary? I am planning my trip to the shinshe area and am in a total lost. Haha~ Thanks alot! Did you go to fantasy story, Wuqi Tourist Fish Market, 宫原眼科 and Yi Zhong Market? Whats your take on these places? ^^

    Wendy =)

  122. QiQi Says:

    Hi Wendy, I have sent the itinerary to you for your reference..all the places mentioned i have not been before except Shin She! The rest, I not able to help and comment! Anyway, happy planning!

  123. Siew Li Says:

    Hi QiQi,
    I saw your pictures taken at the few tourist spots in SinShe. It is very nice! May I know how long you need to spend in each place? We intend to visit Princess Annie’s Garden, Lavendar Farm and Summit Castle. However, we are visiting end May. Not sure if there are still lavenders.
    Can you email me your itinerary so that we know how to go?
    the shuttle bus can fetch us around the whole day?
    Thank you!

  124. Joanne Says:

    Dear qiqi,

    I am heading to cing jing farm for 2 nights. Is it possible for me to travel from cingjing to Shinshe attractions (Lavender Cottage, Annie’s Garden, Mushroom farm, Summit resort) to Da Keng (Moncoeur + Carton King)?

    Could you also email me your itinerary for your taiwan trip?
    Thank you. Anyway, your blog is really great!!

  125. QiQi Says:

    Dear Joanne, I think a bit rush to travel from Cing Jing to Shin She.. but if you able to reach there around 11am, should be ok. I have email you the itinerary. Hope you will have a fun trip!

  126. QiQi Says:

    Hi Siew Li, from 12pm to 5pm, we total spend 5 hours at Shin She. I have send you itinerary. Yes, the shuttle van fetch us for whole day.

  127. Tracy Says:

    Hey! Can I have your itinerary? (:

  128. Andy Says:

    Hi QiQi,

    Nice effort and it is a pleasure reading your blog. Would you mind to send me your itinerary too please?


  129. Kim Says:

    Hi QIQI!
    I am so HAPPY reading ur sharing & comments. Its a lot of work to write n helping on the plannings. Im working on my itinerary on early august. Im staying in taipei for 5 days then left 4days3night unscheduled.Thought of heading taichung (1st time visit)and stayed at fengjia, exploring ard. Im interested with lavender cottage, CingJing, SML! i would like your advise to spent a day or night there? headache browsing.. SOS
    And can I refer to your itinerary please? Many thanks!!

  130. QiQi Says:

    Hi Kim, you can spend one day at sinshe then overnight at fengjia then the next day visit around TaiZhung then take bus to sun moon lake for one night, the next day you can visit to Jiu Zhu Wen Hua Chun or CingJing, then from Sun Moon Lake you can take direct bus back to Taipei. Itinerary is sent for your reference! Enjoy planning!

  131. QiQi Says:

    Hi Tracy, sent!

  132. QiQi Says:

    Hi Andy, sent!

  133. Jake Says:

    Hello QiQi,
    Next year January 23 I will go to visit Taichung will I able to see lavender?

  134. QiQi Says:

    I think Jan is more on Sakura, Lavender is on March~

  135. Jake Says:

    Thanks for your fast respond.. If want see Sakura also at the same place is it?

  136. QiQi Says:

    Hi, if want to see the Sakura, should be at 九族文化村

  137. mel Says:

    Hi Qiqi, I’m going to taipei next week and planing to stay one night at taichung. After read your comments seems like no lavender this season.would you recommend other places to visit in taichung? Plan to go qingjing as well. And do you mind to share your itinerary as well? Thanks!!

  138. Law Says:

    Dear Qiqi, Me and my wife will be going to taiwan this Oct.

    Will be taking HSR to Taichung on the 1st day. I intend to go to cinjing to stay for a night. Also plan to go to Sun Moon Lake but yet to decide whether to stay there.

    I am also thinking of maybe a day tour to some of these places like Lavender Cottage, Mushroom Garden, Xinshe Castle,Carton King, Summit Castle, Paper Story. Is it good to go to Lavender Cottage in Oct?
    I am not sure on the public transport to these places. Should i hire a driver and roughly how much will it cost as there are only the 2 of us. Can i have a reference to your itinerary and do u have a driver to recommend.
    Appreciate for your kind advice.Thank you

  139. Yang Says:

    Hi, may I have your itinerary please? Thank You =)

  140. QiQi Says:

    Hi Yang,

    Itinerary sent!

  141. QiQi Says:

    Hi Shally,

    Itinerary sent!
    Lavender cottage just one of the tourist place in Shin She, you can skip this and go other places there.
    Please visit to for all the places to visit in SHin She as well as the transport service can be found there.. if you stay one night u can go Shin She and the next day can visit tai chung near by tourist spot..u can refer to my itinerary and google and see. You may drop me a msg if you have any further enquiries :D

  142. Maggie Says:

    Nice blog.. Do you mind share me your itinerary ?

  143. Angie Says:

    Hi QiQi

    Chanced upon your blog when I’m searching for some info for my trip to Taiwan. Can you email me your itinerary ?

    Thanks alot

  144. Rachel Says:

    Hi qiqi, is mid jan good to visit lavender cottage and Miaoli? Other than fengjia, is there other night market worth going in Taichung? Any idea how to travel from Miaoli to taipei? Thanks much!

  145. QiQi Says:

    Hi Rachel, I think mid Jan nice to visit to 九族文化村 to see Sakura ~ In Tai Zhung, should be a lot night market but I only have time exploring Feng Jia only as is the biggest night market in TaiChung.. We went to Miaoli for photo shooting only, got car pick us there and back, so I have no idea how to travel from Miaoli to Taipei ~

  146. QiQi Says:

    Hi Angie/Maggie…Sent :)

  147. Rachel Says:

    Hi qiqi, where’s 九族文化村?

  148. Ng Says:

    Hi, I would like to visit 心之芳庭,纸箱王, 新社古堡, 薰衣草森林 (end march still lavender season right?), 安妮公主花园, 清镜. Is it possible to reach all by public transport? Between, can I have your taiwan itinerary as well please? Hehe. Thanks QiQi~~

  149. Gladys Says:

    Hi QiQi, i read from shinshe website there are a few buses i can take to shinshe ( 270, 271, 276, 277). If i engage the shinse shuttle, may i know which bus stop do i alight to wait for them?

  150. QiQi Says:

    at sun moon lake there~

  151. QiQi Says:

    新社古堡, 薰衣草森林 (end march still got lavender), 安妮公主花园 –> All these places can take shin she shuttle van, then 心之芳庭,纸箱王 can take bus, stop before shin she~ and for 清镜 also got bus from tai zhung~

  152. QiQi Says:

    I have forgetten where to stop and also we went there 2 years ago.. so may be different station now so is good to check with shin she shuttle to confirm~

  153. Tang Says:

    Hi QiQi,

    Im planning to go Taiwan next year, can u please email me your itinerary? Thanks alot.

  154. Ng Says:

    Hi QiQi, thanks for your advise on the transportation. Just wondering if I can have your Taiwan itinerary for reference as well? Hehe.. Thanks ya

  155. Joey Says:

    Hi, I’m interested in your itinerary for Taichung. Can you recommend any place to visit and stay for a group of 5 for I’ll be in Taichung from 13-15 dec :) ) Thank you!!

  156. Tang Says:

    Hi QiQi,
    Can you pls send me your itinerary in Taiwan??im going TAIWAN this coming April . Thanks

  157. QiQi Says:

    Hi! Will send to U asap!

  158. Seok Kee Says:

    Hi Qiqi!

    I am travelling with my mom to this certain areas!
    1. Rainbow Village
    2. Lavender Cottage Farm (if there is still Lavender by 1 May)
    3. Carton King
    4. Moncoeur

    I am intending to travelling around by public transport but I am not sure whether I will get lost, so is it preferable to get a cab around and will the average expenses be very expensive?

    Last question, should I visit all these in a day or should i split into two days!

    Would it be preferable to stay near Feng Jia Night Market or Taichung HSR station.

    Omg help hahahaha im so sorry!

  159. QiQi Says:

    1 rainbow village – not sure is it same route as 2,3,4. If same can arrange same day.
    If hire car with driver for a day price should be from NT2500 – NT3500…

    Stay near Feng Jia nicer :)

  160. kat Says:

    Hi Qiqi may i trouble u to share ur itinerary pls. thks!

  161. QiQi Says:

    Hi Kat, sent

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