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My Birthday Celebration Part II – 25.09.09 ( Coffee with Hicham )

Actually today our company has organized an event – Coffee with Hicham. Hicham is our big boss :)
The purpose of organizing this event is to let us have a chance to meet with our boss for few hours. He shared his experience, thoughts and view about Company and Peoplesoft with us .

After ending session “Coffee With Hicham”. My dear colleague – Amelia, organizer of this event has prepared a “Blow cake session” for me. So touching that all of them sing song for me and celebrate with me. Hehe ^^.. So happy that I can make another wish :) . Thanks Everyone!

Mr. Hicham as well as my Boss :)

My Colleague :) . Hope my hubby see this photo, dont misunderstood oh :) .. I also didnt notice I get so close to Mr Mark ( Red color shirt ). I just want to give a big space to Mr Tung ( A “Big head” behind me..jkjk ). If I didnt give him space…Later he will said : “Hey Janice! Why you blocked my face!”. Hehe ^^. Just for fun to share this photo, please dont think too far. OK!

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