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From Xi Men Ding station, we took train to Taipei City Hall station (市政府站).  Our destination today was Taipei 101!

Once we reached Taipei City Hall. We saw Eslite bookstore (诚品信义店) again. 
After a short distance walk, we saw Taipei 101!!!
But the weather not so good. Raining, cloudy and windy as well as COLD! It was only 10 degree!~
However, we never give up…风雨无阻!Keep walking.
Shin Kong Mitsukoshi (新光三越)
Taipei City Hall (台北市政府).
Almost reached!
Opps~ Cant see the top x_x
Just like to take the Taipei 101 photo :)
Yea, we are here Taipei101!

Under Taipei 101 now! We didnt go up as the weather not good. Nothing to see also. Admission fee for adult was NT400; Child NT370. Operating hour  9am to 10pm daily. For more info, please visit to their website.
Wa… The building was so tall!
Taipei 101 – L.O.V.E~
Me and hubby
After that, we walked to Discovery Centre of Taipei (台北探索馆). Free entrance.
All about Taipei ~
Taipei is a city without night. 台北不夜城.
Taipei 101.
2010 Taipei Flora Exposition.
After visiting Discovery Centre of Taipei, we continued our journey to Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall (国父纪念馆). You can either walked from Taipei 101 or stopped at to Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall MRT station.
From here, we could see the Taipei 101 too :)
Dr. Sun Yat-Sen.
Sayonara Taipei 101.
We went to 85 degee Coffees to buy some desserts.

Looked delicious ya!
Yummy lor ^^ A lot dessert here! Really hope can bring all back to Malaysia ^^
Total NT128 :D
Finally… We back to Taiwan Taoyan International Airport!
Bye Bye Taiwan!
We will back again!!! Taiwan!
Last but not least -> Things we bought!
- The END -

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